How To Stop Diarrhea: Permanently Stop Diarrhea in Adults and Children
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How To Stop Diarrhea: Permanently Stop Diarrhea in Adults and Children

August 30, 2019

hey guys this Anita Tee from back to give you guys more gut health facts that are straight off
the book so I just want to start off by saying that you guys may hear a leaf
blower or a something to do with gardening outside so I apologize if you
guys can hear that right now but I needed to make this video so it’s such
an important topic and today we’re absolutely going to be talking about a
really important topic that is often unspoken about and doesn’t typically
leave the mouths of many homes and so it’s it’s a very little secretive topic
but it’s so important because so many people experience it and yet none of us
want to talk about it and that topic is diarrhea now I know a lot of you guys
are like oh my god that girl just said diarrhea I know it’s not a nice word but
if you’ve never had diarrhea in your life before or in fact if you’ve never
had a bowel movement in your life before even you’re absolutely welcome to leave
this video right now but for the rest of you guys give this video a thumbs up if
you’re one of those rare dirty humans who actually poop so that we can get
started diarrhea is of course not a pleasant
experience especially if you’re someone who has frequent or chronic diarrhea in
fact it may seem like a well-kept secret that people have however when you
actually consider that one in five people worldwide experience digestive
disorders combined with the fact that there’s literally millions of Google
searches for diarrhea and related terms every month it becomes very quickly
recognizable that this is a very common silent problem that’s exactly why I’m
going to address this problem today and as always I’m going to give you guys
100% scientifically backed way to stop diarrhea that’s actually shown in
studies to be effective for both acute diarrhea and chronic diarrhea and the
effective in both adults and children first off I’d like to discuss a little
bit about why diarrhea occurs typically diarrhea occurs as the result of a
microbial imbalance or in other words something’s going on in your gut
bacteria where it’s just not quite right and it’s affecting the way that you move
your bowels this can often be seen as an example in travelers
area when people travel to different countries and they’re exposed to new
bacteria such as strains of E coli that actually impact the gut bacteria balance
and result in sudden onset of acute diarrhea additionally these types of
bacterial imbalances can actually be more chronic as well such as in people
with digestive disorders in fact studies have shown that when it comes to
digestive disorders bacterial imbalances are an uncountable contribution
especially in cases like irritable bowel syndrome depending on the type of
bacterial imbalance you have that can dictate the form of bowel movements you
have and it can result easily in diarrhea predominant irritable bowel
syndrome as you guys can see bacteria is an important dictator when it comes to
stool status and diarrhea so what’s an all-natural way that we can actually
stop diarrhea and stop having this problem modifying your bacterial
populations towards a healthier balance is a great way of stopping both sudden
onset acute diarrhea and chronic diarrhea when I say modifying bacterial
populations a lot of people think of using probiotics which is definitely a
great way to go however it’s important to note that all different bacterial
strains have very different effects so for example somebody with constipation
predominant irritable bowel syndrome will have very different stand streams
and need very different strains to somebody with diarrhea predominant or
irritable bowel syndrome this is why it’s a really bad idea to just go into a
drugstore and pick a random probiotic without getting help from a professional
because by taking the wrong probiotics you actually may be pushing your
symptoms towards a direction that’s the opposite of the way that you want to go
as always you guys have got a scientist on your side and today I want to show
you guys a particular strain of yeast that’s actually been shown in studies to
salt both sudden onset acute diarrhea and chronic diarrhea and has been shown
to be effective in both adults and children that strain of yeast is called
Saccharomyces boulardii you guys can see it right here
Saccharomyces boulardii has shown in several studies to be effective in both
treating traveler’s diarrhea irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea and your
inflammatory bowel diseases antibiotic associated diarrhea and numerous other
forms and causes of diarrhea the reason for such widespread activity and
efficacy is because sacrum I see is actually shown the ability to inhibit
the growth of harmful bacteria and microbes collectively known as pathogens
additionally Saccharomyces boulardii has actually shown to strengthen the
intestinal lining by nourishing and supporting and Tara fights which are
cells of the intestinal lining as well as increasing the expression of cat
Kieran’s which are proteins that hold these intestinal cells nice and tight
together so if you guys are experiencing other issues with your gut and digestion
such as leaky gut which commonly occurs in conjunction with diarrhea predominant
disorders then Saccharomyces boulardii is going to help improve these disorders
and several other symptoms that come along with it if you guys are curious
about leaky gut and what type of symptoms that can improve I’ll link a
video above and below detailing a series that I have on leaky gut so that you
guys can check that out as always if you guys are wanting to try Saccharomyces
boulardii be sure that you guys are using a trusted brand free of all
additives that actually contain the ingredients that it says it does a
recent study has actually shown that up to 83% of drugstore supplements contain
unlisted ingredients that may be harmful and they may not even actually contain
the active ingredients that they’re saying they do so be careful and make
sure that you guys are getting the right stuff so that you’re not wasting your
time and money just to be sure I’ll link a practitioner and scientist approved
supplement for you guys to check out below okay guys that’s all for today
thanks again for hanging out with me and I hope that this video helped make your
current day and your future days a little bit less crappy so if you guys
want to scientist on your side to give you gut health facts that are totally
off the books then don’t forget to subscribe to my channel below and I will
see you guys in the next episode bye

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  1. Hi. I have diarrhea issues and recently tested positive for a yeast intolerance. I took yeast out of my diet and I improved for a few weeks but the diarrhea is slowly coming back along with frequency of bowel movements (up to 6 times a day) My question is, could I take this product as it is yeast based or would it aggravate me because of my intolerance? Thanks

  2. NEED HELP PLEASE is this yeast safe for 86 yr old with diabetes type 2 and dementia with cycle of constipation then diarrhea ?

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