How to Reduce & Relieve Headaches : How to Use Massage for Headache Relief
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How to Reduce & Relieve Headaches : How to Use Massage for Headache Relief

October 30, 2019

Hi my name is Dr. Susan Jewell and on behalf
of Expert Village today I a going to talk to you about how to recognize and treat pain
from headaches. During this clip we are going to talk about reducing stress and tension
around the areas that causes a lot of headaches and that is the neck and shoulder regions.
And of course if you can get somebody to do the massage for you that would be really good
or you can do it for yourself or you can get massage appliances that can help do the massage
yourself. If you have somebody to help you, this is what you do or you can do it yourself.
The first thing we are going to do is look at the neck area. The neck region is made
up of vertebra or bones that are connected together and if you really feel the back of
your neck your can pressure down and you can feel the vertebra and the bones that protrude
out from the end of each vertebra. The first thing that you can do is to reduce pressure
by using the digits of your hand, the soft pads. You can press down on the bony spurs
of the vertebra so if you press down with very hard pressure and you do circular motions
on this bony part of the vertebra all the way up and down the neck region, and if you
want to of course you can work down to the thoracic area and all the way. We are talking
though mainly about relieving tension and migraine headache and this is one way to alleviate
the pain, just do the slow circular pressure motion on the bony spurs as you keep going
up in circular motions up and down the neck. Another way to release tension, of course,
and help to relieve the tension of the headache is massage the shoulders. A lot of times a
lot of the tension of stress at work and the way that we sit either at the computer or
watching television a lot, we tend to slouch a lot. One of the ways to reduce the pressure
first of all is don’t slouch. Put your shoulders back and relax your shoulders and sit upright
so you are sitting upright and that would also reduce the tension around here. Also
give a good massage and a lot of times you just put a lot of pressure on the thumb and
the fingers all around the muscle area around the shoulder and the neck area and if you
work your way around the skull that would also help to relieve the pain from headaches.

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  1. press down on the bones? I'm not at all sure about that!!! hurt when I did it on myself just now and I'm sure I was taught NOT to do that, to only press on muscles!

  2. Why would you want to take pills for pain when it can easily be relieved naturally by applying a few simple techiques?

  3. Hey this actually worked a little, quick tip, after you do the routines add daps of BENGAY or BIOFREEZE to the most painful parts of your head. Take a small 1 hour nap, and when you wakeup you will feel good as new.

  4. Just be carefull when your working with you neck and pushing down on the cervicle spine. realy you might need a verticle artery test i'm supprised she didn't say that.

    I would stick with the neck massage and a massage of the base of the skull.

  5. thx sooooooooo much i had a really bad head ache or migrane or what ever and it relieve most of the pain so thx soo so much!!!

  6. @smallrossy

    I think it's less about the British accent, and more about deciphering Stupid. We're talking about someone who's supposedly got a "National Research Science Award" (NIH gives out a National Research Service Award)… who studied at UCLA and the "Yip Head and Neck Cancer" (which I still can't locate)…

    And makes a living off of expertvillage and eHow, giving advice on headaches and testicular cancer.

    Yeah, I'm gonna need the subtitles to make sure my ears aren't failing me.

  7. can you get headaches on the top of your head because I have a pain on the top right of my head and it won't go away

  8. @burlesque2107 if shes south african then she a south african with a british accent- she doesnt have a south african accent she has a british accent- more specifically a london estury accent

  9. i doubt any physician worth their salt, would lower themselves to do a video for expert village (the idiots of she is most likely reading the words from a que card. lawl

  10. @davrosd Pretty much. She does spots on CBS, ABC, Fox, and NBC, so while she might actually have a MD, I doubt she's actually used it for more than accreditation to work the talk-show circuit.

  11. @sminthian South Africa was a British colony. So even now, most people from South Africa who speak English carry an accent that has British tones.

    Don't feel bad, I was similarly confused when I first spoke with a South African as well.

  12. worste video I have seen. "This Doctor" can't even communicate effectively and you don't massage BONE you massage TISSUE!

  13. My head hurts badly since when I just woke up and its like (8 HOURS) in pain. So Can someone reply what I have?!

  14. She's stupid . Massaging your fucking spine won't help for shit. It's the muscles around the bump under your skill that help . Yea massaging does help but it's SPECIFIC muscles and sometimes you don't have headaches in the back of skull it can also occur in the front .

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