How to Recover from Bulimia | Eating Disorders
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How to Recover from Bulimia | Eating Disorders

August 26, 2019

Well, like with other eating problems, the
most important thing I can say about recovering from Bulimia Nervosa, the number one tip for
recovering from Bulimina Nervosa, is to try to get help from somebody experienced with
dealing with these types of eating problems. Sometimes that means an individual counselor,
a therapist, sometimes that means getting help from a more structured treatment center,
that can provide even around the clock supervision for breaking the cycle of binge eating, and
purging. That would be the number one tip, and sticking
with the recovery process, and not giving up, even though there are bumps in the road,
would be recovery tip number two. There are also some self-help guides that folks with
Bulimia Nervosa can use, that are rooted in good science. Routed, for example, in good,
sound, cognitive behavioral principles, that can be incredibly helpful to people. Actually,
self-help has been tested in some scientific studies, as an alternative to more formalized
treatments, ultimately with formalized treatments, behavioral therapy, with a therapist really
being superior, but self-help can be helpful in some cases. There is one expert in the field of eating
disorders, Christopher Fairburn, who has written a book called, Overcoming Binge Eating, which
is one example of a self-help guide, that’s really routed in good science of psychotherapy
that can help people get better from Bulimia Nervosa, and present some of the same principals
that you would receive in a treatment. Of course, nothing takes the place of working
with a professional, in a treatment setting, to move forward in the process of recovery.

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