How to Prevent Prediabetes from Turning into Diabetes
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How to Prevent Prediabetes from Turning into Diabetes

October 20, 2019

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  1. Can we put this on every nightly news show, 60 minutes, 20/20, morning shows and the like???  Oh how I wish!!!  Thank you Dr. Greger! 🙂

  2. Great video! Lifestyle and diet is so underrated compared to drugs. More need to know the difference that a whole foods plant based diet can make in reversing the leading causes of death in the western world.

  3. I plan on becoming an RD and just started my first nutrition class as a sophomore in college.  My teacher is 62 and kept rambling on how "you wear fat" and that there are no bad foods with moderation. I wanted to stand up and throw a tomato at her. I seriously hope when I transfer to a university that the teachers are more educated.

  4. how do they know that 1/3 of Americans have pre-diabetes? sure, clearly they can easily know that the 1/10 of those having pre-diabetes really have it since they've been tested, but given the other 9/10 weren't tested (otherwise surely they'd know it?) how is it known they have it too?

  5. In each study you speak about, you should have a little text number close to it indicating the citation source. This way it's easier for the viewer to get access to the study they want.

  6. My A1C was 5.5, yet my doctor's visits continue to center around "Your Diabetes".  My numbers were all excellent.  In 2 years being a Vegan, I went from a diabetic to non-diabetic.

  7. I am so grateful for the videos you publish. I don't mention it every time but I think it for each and every video. So thank you again !

  8. Any information on what the lifestyle changes were in these studies? I am interested to see what types of recommendations they had in terms of diet

  9. Loved the video, thanks Dr. Greger! 🙂
    Could you please do a video about the connection polycystic ovary syndrome and prediabetes? Shouldn't it also disappear with lifestyle changes?
    Please, help!!

  10. Thank you for what you do. My 74 yr old dad is on day 11 of changing his diet. He went from 237 to 218 pounds already.  He is off his bag full of drugs (with glucose monitoring daily) and he has better skin color and energy than I have seen in a long time!  His constant runny nose has stopped and his eyes are clear and bright.  I can't wait to be able to say he is cured!!!

  11. It is a mockery of a sham of a travesty . But there is a lot of money to be made in causing and then "treating" degenerative diseases, i.e. the food and drug industry. It would cost the industry tens of billions annually if people switched to a WFPBD which is at odds with big business capitalist ethos.Furthermore, the food and drug industry is the biggest investor in clinical research, so you see ladies and gentlemen capitalism has us all by the short and curlies cos you gotta eat!

  12. People believe in a magic pill and are more willing to believe in a magic pill than steamed broccoli with a little olive oil and dancing for 30 minutes everyday.

  13. I think its important that care providers educate patients not only on exactly what prediabetes is, but what "optimum" FG levels should be. Of course a simple FG test, not even an HBA1C can diagnose diabetes, but a FG test is part of most standard blood panel tests, and a fairly good indicator if further attention is warranted. Most MDs will not even mention your number to you unless you begin to near 100. I think it should be 90. I'm not saying prediabetes should diagnosed at 90, but if someone has a FG of >90, they should be advised to try & adjust diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes to get it down, to around 80 if possible. In other words, why wait until 100?

    Like the good doc said, type II diabetes is one of the most preventable diseases.

    An ounce of prevention… 

  14. Did you hear how we can prevent prediabetes from turning into diabetes?

    Watch this week’s video below or click the link to watch on

  15. We are ALL pre diabetes!! the level differs, thats all. according to our daily diet. most of us eat the wrong types of food. The trouble is , WE EAT WAY TOOOOO MUCH of it.  STOP!!!!!! alter yr eating habits, to HEALTHIER intake, you WILL see the benefits!! QUITE SIMPLE, take the first step to a healthier way of eating n drinking..stop all drugs!! They r only making 'them" richer.. " to live, not living to eat" do this, talk to me in a month….

  16. After prediabetes, I initially got better with unrefined foods and I was still eating 1 salmon burger every day for the first year. Unrefined vegan diet + vitamin b12 supplement + exercise is probably better for both diabetes prevention and longevity. I try to exercise before and or after each meal and I eat as many meals as I like. Better to avoid the long list of refined foods : oil, butter, sweeteners, juice, coconut water, white flour, protein powders, vegan milks, tofu, salt, supplements (except vitamin b12), drugs, etc. Among processed foods, nixtamalized corn like corn tortilla is healthy bec. it still has most of the fiber of natural corn and the traditional processing increases the b vitamins. All animal products have zero fiber. I also like fermented foods like natto and tempeh.

  17. Where can I find WHAT diet and lifestyle changes to make? How much exercise? Eat what? Plant-based I understand but any specific needs for carbs/protein/fiber?

  18. A doctor never told me i was pre diabetic and two years later the symptoms arised then became a t2 diabetic I was put on Metformin 12 months ago and now been taken off them and my doctor told me all her diabeties patients were having problems controlling there glucose levels and wanted to know my  secret so all i said was all this was from a big lifestyle change thanks to my dietician advice and putting 100% commitment to it 

  19. But you did not include what changes should be made??? Of course you need to make money!
    One of my goals in my life was to be so good that I'd always work myself out of a job. I.E. changing things such that the job would go away for some reason.  And management would then promote me and place me somewhere else fun.

  20. don't believe fucking vegans, basically they will kill you. if you are diabetes patients, you need to cut out carbs no matter what.

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  25. okay, so changing one's diet is the best way to prevent diabetes, but what are those dietary changes? the above video never tells us

  26. I'm 13 and have prediabetes, I'm starting to exercise for 1 hour a day and have tried to stop eating foods with sugar and start eating more veggies, if I do this can the prediabetes be reversed?!

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  28. I have lots of diabetes symptoms. Tiredness, numbness, increased thirst, dizziness and a few more. been tested so many times, but keeps coming back ok. I don't understand. My mum is diabetic and keeps telling me I must be and to be tested. I really think I could be. is it possible to get these symptoms well before it shows in blood work???

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