How to Optimize Your Blood Pressure in 2018
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How to Optimize Your Blood Pressure in 2018

September 1, 2019

Hi, this is lead acupuncturist Today the topic is about how to optimize your blood pressure. So if you are not diagnosed as high blood pressure then you can use meditation acupressure acupuncture To optimize the level taking medication is one way but taking medication can also make your blood pressure make going too low and When the blood pressure going too low, you have the risk of developing stroke the Thrombosis and that happens to a lot of older people so keep the medication at lowest possible dosage and a combining other method would be the better way to optimize your blood pressure and So today I’m going to show you three points, which you can Help to lower the blood pressure especially the higher one called a systolic. So the first one the first two are on the neck one is If you turn your head to the side and I mark, the two points here and This point is called small intestine 17 and this point is Located if you turn your head here you have this muscle connected to this bone process called mastoid to your sternum and you see the muscle here and then you find the front edge of this muscle and Then you find the angle of the lower jaw So at a level of the angle of the lower jaw just Next to the The edge of this muscle the front edge of this muscle that points mine testing 17 Will help you to lower the blood pressure, but when you press this point you have to lie down Because sometimes they can chop your blood pressure too low and then you might have a little dizziness so lying down to press and take deep breath in you can instantly bring down your blood pressure and the seven point will be just behind at this point and And the same muscle you see connected with this bony process mastoid process to the sternum you see the muscle here and just below this bony process and behind the posterior border of this muscle and this this point will be the Cheaper warmer 16, and if you press that if you sore you not only can lower your blood pressure but also You can Relax your neck muscle, bring the blood flow to your eyes So it you can also improve your vision so you get a two instant effect improve the blood circulation to your eyes lower your blood pressure and relax the muscle there and The Third Point is on your hand. It’s also triple warmer line. So if you extend your hand like that and Then you find one two three four tendons and Between this ring finger tendons and a small finger tendons between these two tendons on the back of the wrist line, and then you see this little purple star and that’s the point you can press and this not only lower your blood pressure and Press that will relieve neck tightness and Also help your wrist pain locally So three points one on your wrist and two on your neck Helping you lower the blood pressure and just be careful to lie down to press those point so you won’t bring your blood pressure too low and Fainted or so if you want more information about How we can use acupuncture acupressure herbs to optimize your blood pressure then go to my website And I have tons of articles to teach you how to Optimize your high blood pressure your blood pressure level. Thank you

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