How to Manage High Blood Pressure (Hypertension), Naturally
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How to Manage High Blood Pressure (Hypertension), Naturally

September 9, 2019

Hey you guys in Dr. Jason Barker with the
Natural Athlete’s Clinic and I wanted to make video today about high blood
pressure or hypertension. So you’ve probably heard of the reading
of 120 over 80 as a normal blood pressure reading however a lot of
sources these days are saying that if you’re at 120 over 80 you are already on your
way to hypertension and you have pre hypertension. So those of you watching
this video probably know that things like being sedentary, having excess
weight, too much salt, too much alcohol too much caffeine, too much stress, things
like that will raise your blood pressure. So what do you do if you are already
avoiding those things and living a relatively healthy and active lifestyle?
Well before we get into natural ways that you can lower your blood pressure,
there’s two compounds of medications that I don’t necessarily like to see
athletes on for a couple of reasons. The first group of medications that I’m not
too happy about are diuretics. Diuretics help you get rid of fluid out of your
body and they do this by affecting your electrolytes. So if you are an athlete
and you’re out on a course running or riding your bike or anything like that,
you’re in a little bit greater risk of having an electrolyte imbalance because
those medications alter how your body processes sodium and potassium which are
your two main fluid balance electrolytes. Now the second group of medications that
I’m not too psyched up about our beta blockers.
So what beta blockers do essentially is they will inhibit that fight-or-flight
response on your heart muscle. So they decrease the force and the rate at which
your heart contracts. So you can imagine that if you’re out there trying to run,
ride, swim, what-have-you and you’re trying to get that heart rate up and
moving, you can’t do it if you’re on a beta blocker. So it’s a lot like driving
your car around – one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake pedal. So what
we’re going to do is I’m going to give you some examples of some natural
medicines that you can use. And then if you work with your healthcare
practitioner, maybe you can reduce your doses or maybe even altogether get
rid of those high blood pressure medications. So there are many many
natural medicines that will help lower your blood pressure and I can’t go into
all of them in this video but I’m going to tell you about my favorites that I
like to use in the clinic. First one is a mineral and that’s
magnesium. You hear me talking about magnesium a lot because it has so many
good effects throughout the body but what it does specifically for your blood
pressure is that it will relax those small little muscles that surround your
vasculature. So it acts like a very gentle muscle relaxer and lets those blood
vessels expand a little bit thereby decreasing that pressure. Second compound
I really like is something called Arginine. Arginine is an amino acid. You
can find it in things like beef and dairy and whole grains and beans and
what arginine does, is it’s a precursor to another chemical called nitric oxide.
So nitric oxide dilates those blood vessels and we really depend on that to
expand and contract those blood vessels in your body. We like to use something
called nitric oxide support. It has a ton of Arginine in it and that’s what we’ll
use to replace that. Next mineral I really like to use is potassium. Of
course you’ve heard of this, you know how bananas are famous for all the potassium.
You can also get a lot of potassium out of other fruits and veggies but
potassium works for lowering blood pressure by blocking the effects of
sodium. Sodium helps you hold on to water, helps keep that fluid on board that
raises your blood pressure. Potassium will block the effects of
sodium. So you can supplement with potassium. You of course need to get a
lot of potassium out of fresh foods, beans, veggies, fruits anything like that
is going to have a lot of those minerals in there. The next vitamin that I really
like is vitamin C. So vitamin C does a couple of things – it helps preserve or
prolong the lifespan of that nitric oxide so it keeps it in your body a
little bit longer. And then vitamin C also helps you produce collagen. Now you
use collagen which is a protein and that help that’s what you build your blood
vessels out of. So as we age, we don’t make collagen as well, the blood vessels
get stiffer, they can’t expand and contract as readily. So if you’ve got a
lot of vitamin C in your body, you’ve got that raw material there for you to make
more collagen. Okay so some herbal medicines that you can use for your
blood pressure, there’s a lot of them and again these are just my top ones that I
use. The first one is garlic. Garlic also stimulates the release of
nitric oxide. You can see a pattern here right?.. and then garlic also relaxes the
little muscles around those blood vessels. Another herb is Hawthorne.
Hawthorne has been used literally for thousands of years for all kinds of
different heart conditions and modern studies have shown that it actually
helps increase the profusion or the blood flow into the heart muscle itself.
It has anti rhythmic properties to it and of course winds up lowering that
blood pressure as well. Another herb that I like is something
called Coleus Forskohlii. This is an indian herb and what Coleus does, is it
stimulates the release of something called cyclic AMP. And cyclic AMP in
turn is another way that we can relax those vessels and relax the muscles around
those blood vessels throughout the vasculature. And by the way, cyclic AMP is really good for asthma too. Same effect- relaxes the little muscles in the
lungs so you can get a better breath of air in there. So I’m gonna keep it of
that for today’s video. See if you can use some of these natural medicines. We
of course like to use Mountain Peaks Heart Tension Formula because it has all
those things I just talked about with a couple of other herbs in there too. We
use that in the clinic. We use the Nitric Oxide support and of course we work on
the diet and lifestyle and things like that. We’ve been pretty successful in
getting people’s blood pressures down that was out of control before. So of
course if you’re going to do this, check with your Doctor. You definitely don’t
want to monkey around with having high blood pressure that’s not under control.
Okay guys thanks for watching and if you found this video helpful, please give us
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