How To Make A Headache Go Away… Fast
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How To Make A Headache Go Away… Fast

August 30, 2019

What Type of headache do you have? do you
know that there’s tons of different types of headaches and lots of natural
integrative medical treatments that can help you to deal with that headache pain
that’s ruining your life check it out. Hello everyone Dr. Jason West. We’re going to
talk about a topic that I see every single day in the office and get asked
about all the time and that is what do you do about headaches? Well the answer
to that is really the answer to what type of headache is it? is it a migraine
headache? is it a hormone headache? is it an allergy headache? is it a cluster headache?
is it a tension headache? is it a stress headache? is it a food sensitivity
headache? is it a blood sugar headache? And so there’s all these different causes for
headaches and so really what you have to do is you have to turn into a Sherlock
Holmes and figure out what is the cause because if you can figure why that is
man you’ve got some really really neat tools and treatment options. So the first
place I like to start with headaches is blood sugar. Now there is something that
I call an Ergo glyco Pina induced headache. And that’s the fancy smancy way
of saying that if your blood sugar drops the nerves fail. You see doctors have to
appear smart so we invent this language it usually takes about four years to
figure out what we’re talking about. But what that means again is if your blood
sugar low gets low the nerves fail. So this is so important to pay attention to
your diet and what your triggers are because if your pancreas is either is
functioning too well what happens is the fuel hits your system, your body kicks in,
and uses up the fuel the blood sugar drops the nerves freak out. And I’ve seen
so many headaches, anxiety, depression, do well when you regulate and you treat
blood sugar. So the way to treat blood sugar is is pretend that your body has a
fire and what happens is, if you want to make a big flare-up you throw some
gasoline on the fire and that’s really what sugar is. You throw sugar out in the
fire you get this big flare up but then it dies down. If you want the fire to
really do well what happens is you put a big piece of a log or a coal on the fire
so that you get sustained energy release and that’s your protein. So make sure
that you’re eating consistently. I’ve seen so many headaches improve by doing
this. Now that’s not the only reason for the cause of headaches
that’s not the only solution but do that first. Put your body on a schedule. Eat consistently
four to six meals a day. That’s my favorite recommendation. Now another
thing that I see a lot of improvement for is what’s called cervicogenic headache
which means that you have a compressed nerve in your neck usually it’s the
lesser occipital nerve it comes out over here, goes up behind the ear. There’s
another nerve that’s kind of partnering runs pair with that and sometimes it can
go right behind the eye and so what happens is people say well I got pain
back here and I’ve got pain in the eye, eye pain it’s a cervical genic headache and I
found that a really easy chiropractic adjustment really helps with cervical
related headaches. It also seems to help with stress headaches. So if you’re
getting pain behind the eye or up into the temple consider a chiropractic
adjustment. I’ve seen really good outcomes with that. Now there’s a lot of
women that get hormonal headaches around their cycle time. What happens is there’s
a little gland in between your eyes in between ears called the pituitary gland.
It sits in a little bowl called the sella turcica which means the turkish
saddle. And what happens is that hormone gland,that gland gets overworked with
hormones it tries to enlarge, expand, there’s no place to go it causes
headaches. And some nutritional support for the pituitary gland really helps
with those hormonal headaches. Now obviously with stress headaches, what you
want to do is eliminate stress and there’s, guess what? There’s no magic
treatment or magic cure lotion or potion really has to gets rid of stress but
there’s always a stress outlet. So if some people it’s exercise, some people
sleep, some people it’s meditation, or prayer and I think it’s really important
when it comes to stress to manage the stress is to put whatever is your outlet
on your schedule and treat it like it’s your most important thing of the day. So
for me how I’d like to deal with stress is to do nothing. And when I first
started doing that I thought, oh my gosh I’m feeling lazy I shouldn’t be doing
this but really when I do nothing is I go into a room and I just let my mind
free-associate. I think, I meditate, I usually say a prayer. I’ll write some
thoughts down and that’s really meditation and I categorize
it for years as doing nothing but actually it’s a really important way to
self connect. I’ve seen some amazing results with journaling that’s probably
my most favorite way to tell people to deal with stress is to journ your
thoughts to connect your right side of the brain and your
left side of the brain through the corpus callosum and you start to write
stuff down and communicate with yourself. It’s amazing for stress. Now there’s a
really neat treatment that my great grand father taught my grandpa,
my grandfather taught my dad, my dad taught me is to do something called
endonasal therapy. Now when I described this to people they always looked at me
like I’m crazy or for my different planet because it sounds weird but it
has amazing outcomes. You take your blood pressure cuff you put a little finger
caught on it you, tie the finger caught on to the end of the blood pressure cuff.
You gently insert it straight down into the nose. You have the patient take a
deep breath and you inflate the balloon it’s a really fast treatment. And what it
does is it makes your cranial sutures and I’m exaggerating gap just a little
bit it’s amazing for what it does for headaches. It’s like a brain adjustment.
It’s a cranial therapy. It’s really good for hormone headaches, pituitary
headaches, allergy headaches, sinusitis headaches, cervicogenic headaches and
as weird as the sound it’s one of the most requested procedures that we do in
the office. It’s amazing for how it helps to clear up the brain. And my most
beneficial treatments that idea for headaches is when we do all three. When
we do a really easy adjustment, when we do the endonasal treatment and the third
one, I’m excited to tell you about is the neural therapy. Now what neural therapy
is it’s a way to reset your brain function and it’s a way to reset your
headaches, your nerves, because they get a memory in them that you’re hurting all
the time and then the nerves thinks that that’s normal. It’s like this catch-22
cycle we’re just going over and over again. If your body was a computer or
your head was a computer and we call it tech support we said, what do we do for
this tech support it’s gonna say turn everything off, turn it back on. So
there’s a way to reset headache pain by taking a syringe, a little tiny needle.
And going around the widest circumference of the head under the
acupuncture points on the nerve control points. It’s really superficial. It looks
like little mosquito bites. You need these little tiny blobs just a little
bit of the medicine in there. The medicine is called procane which is a glycolate ester peperomia benzoic acid which is a mouthful but what it means
is that it’s a sugarfied b vitamin and what it does is it makes your nerves
associated with headaches open, close, and reboot. So adjustment, stress management,
endonasal therapy, and the neural therapy for the head I’ve been able to help a
lot of different headaches. If you add that to your lifestyle of
fueling your body correctly, making sure that your blood sugars in range you can
balance out your hormones by doing some hormone testing and then when you get
everything lined up for the body we have a really good opportunity to put
everything back in harmony and the headaches go away. Now that doesn’t
happen with everybody but a lot of the people that does and a lot of headaches
you can get to resolve them go away. This is Dr Jason West, we’ll see you on the next
video. Hey thanks for watching our headache video. If you have value from
the video please like it and there’s information in the description that goes
into more detail about what we can do for headaches

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