How To Lower Your High Blood Pressure Quickly At Home Naturally Without Medication Now
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How To Lower Your High Blood Pressure Quickly At Home Naturally Without Medication Now

September 10, 2019

Hello, I’m Dr Joe of High blood pressure. That’s what I want to talk about in this video High blood pressure affects millions of people all over the world And sometimes, people don’t even know they have the problem Because they haven’t got any symptoms The problem with that is over time, high blood pressure does lead to complications Complications to do with heart, the kidneys, the eyes, the brain Even what we call the peripheral blood vessels Did you know that there are strategies you can use that will help you lower your blood pressure? Naturally! It doesn’t even matter if you are on medications Using these strategies can help you lower your blood pressure and if you are lucky You might even come off medications So long as you apply these strategies consistently What are these strategies? You stay tuned because that’s what’s coming up after the channel intro So, as you saw there, these strategies are very simple Simple things you can do at home So long as you do them aconsistently The keyword there is: Consistency DO them consistently, you will see your blood pressure coming down Why did I mention that you should get a blood pressure monitor at home? If you haven’t got one, you should get one Only because the blood pressure you get at home is fairly the most accurate At home you are in your home surroundings and you are not anxious Unlike what happens when you go to the hospital or your doctor’s clinic All you need to do is get all the readings Over a period of time and you leave the interpretation to your doctor All you need to know is blood pressure readings of 140/90 mmHg and above is considered high blood pressure 2 more strategies: One is; you need to reduce your caffeine intake You need to reduce your caffeine intake Because caffeine is not very good for your blood vessel wall It tends to cause a little bit of constriction in your blood vessel wall And you could potentially raise your blood pressure I’m not saying; don’t drink coffee at all, but you need to reduce the amount you drink Another is SLEEP Sleep. You need plenty of Sleep Because the more sleep you have, the better your blood pressure is going to be I’ve got 2 videos that you need to watch There’s a video where I talk about the relationship between alcohol and sleep It should be right up there now Go watch that video, alright… And also I talk about foods that you can eat that will help you sleep better The vide should be up there now as well Those are 2 videos you need to watch If you found value from this video Give it a Thumbs-Up Like It… Give it a ‘LIKE’ Don’t forget to Share this video with your Friends & Family Share The Love If you haven’t Subscribed to this Wonderful Channel… Please Subscribe. The button is right there in the Bottom Right Corner Hit the Subscribe Button That’s it. Until next time, this Dr Joe…signing out!

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  1. By the way, you don't have to juice the beetroot, celery, watermelon and ginger root. You can actually do the smoothie version. It's quicker and less messy. that's what I do.

    You can get your affordable blood pressure monitor in the UK by following this link

  2. Thank you Dr, my BP is 168/112 I hv been on drugs it will go down n come up again whenever I do any stressful work pls what may be ur advice. God bless you sir

  3. We love your laughter it makes us smart and not to be afraid after our bp reading .I have my moniting kit. But my stomarch is too stubborn to reduce

  4. Doctor, i came back after one months yoga and food control.sleep pattern improved. Frothy urine is still there but i can oberve normal urine once or twice in a day.BP Goes high in office and during sleep. Fasting sugar was 100 when checked one month before. 5.2 was pottasium in blood.
    Today, Checked in office, BP was 131/88. Then immediately i took another reading after two inhalation and exalation. it showed 119/78, next bp reading digits go down further 117/71. All it done in four minutes. The heart rate was 77, 75, 71 respectively in these measurements.
    Do i need to take medicine for Hypertension?

  5. Thanks Dr Joe.Following up.Will the BP drop immediately or it will takesome time if one is drinking the tea and avoiding all those foods the help BP to escalate?

  6. Hot flashes, will raise blood pressure as well. They try to make women think it's all in their minds but it is not and depression medication does not help. It's not in the mind it does not start in the brain. Why can't the medical profession understand this. Yes hot flashes raise the blood pressure a lot. Doctor do You have any ideas on this and how to help?

  7. Hello Dr. Joe. I discovered your Channel two days ago and I cannot stop tuning in. You share valuable information that other doctors keep as a big secret. You share information that can only empower us to take charge our of lives and health maintenance. Your attitude and presentations are always accompanied with a smile. That is a plus! Nowadays, there is a culture centered on accepting sickness and diseases as a right of passage. I know with God’s plan and your remedies; we can heal our bodies and eradicate the diseases that are plaguing our society. I think doctors are important and I thank God for advancement in science. However, it should not be used to grab the insurance cards, prescribe medications that will ultimately cause other complications and make doctors and pharmaceuticals companies wealthy. It’s time we take back our health and live long healthy lives. Thank you for sharing.


  8. I have a question about nitric oxide coming from food. Do the level of nitric oxide is lowered by cooking or freezing the food?

  9. Thank you Dr Joe you are a God Sent am im Appling what i learn from you To my daily life style for more better Health 👍

  10. Hi doctor
    Gud evening
    Pls I just want to confirm from u by taking a glass of water and lemon in empty stomach is it very good to lower high blood pressure
    Pls I need your reply
    May God bless you thanks

  11. You are the best doc, very superb explanation and really interesting to watch because the vlog is seen what are those to take to heal which is easy to find because you show it. If I find them while shopping, I said Oh these are good for me as what Dr. Joe said.See what I mean easy because I know it from your picture vlog. Doctor Joe, keep up us informed. God bless you.

  12. Dr. Joe, you are such a happy doctor – I like your enthusiasm and willingness to share all your knowledge regarding health issues. Always a pleasure watching and listening to your videos. Please continue your good work and stay healthy for us too.

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