How To Lower High Blood Pressure in 7 Minutes (Reduce BP Fast)
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How To Lower High Blood Pressure in 7 Minutes (Reduce BP Fast)

August 30, 2019

Hello, I’m Dr Joe of Well, if this is your first time on this channel, can I extend a warm welcome to you? This is your home or 20/20 ideas to better health. So if you haven’t subscribed yet, please do subscribe So today you’re gonna see a chilled version of me. Oh, yes. Why is that? Well, because I want to demonstrate a proof of concept you know when your blood pressure is high and you want to bring it down like Right now. Not 4 hours time. Not 6 hours time. Not 12 hours time. You want to reduce your blood pressure in minutes Well, I’m gonna demonstrate that today There are various techniques of actually achieving this objective, but I’m just going to demonstrate one technique today And you know, I do this all the time But I’m a little bit nervous doing this today because even though I do it all the time It’s a different animal doing it live. So I might just fail spectacularly. So let’s see how I get on Now for today’s 20/20 idea Stage So I just want to make it point that if you have been diagnosed as having high blood pressure Your blood pressure is never gonna be the same 24 hours a day seven days a week It does fluctuate From minute to minute. Sometimes from second to second so You know, I’ve been stressed out this morning. I’ve been doing a whole lot of things So I expect my blood pressure to be high this morning But I’m just gonna prove a point that when your blood pressure is high There are things you can do to actually reduce your blood pressure instantly One of them is called deep breathing. So but let’s check my blood pressure and see what it is this morning first of all Like I said, I’m expecting it to be high. So let’s see what it is So, let’s just thread this in There you go And connect me to my blood pressure machine Follow the rules Okay, so Like I told you my blood pressure. I’ve been rushing around this morning. This is what it is. Okay If you cannot see it is 155/85 That is not normal. Okay? So I’m just gonna prove another point that when you have moments like these when your blood pressure is this high, there are things you can do to help you Bring your blood pressure down instantly and one of them is called deep breathing So we’re just gonna try that out this morning and see how that plays out. Okay, so We’ll start by…I’ll turn this off We sit down. Be calm Then we start breathing in deeply. All right So one of the techniques is in through the nose and out through the mouth. You gotta hold your breath for about 4 seconds so, you know I use the 444. So, 4 seconds in through the nose, hold for 4 seconds and out through the mouth for 4 seconds Sometimes you can do alternate nostrils. So you breathe in with one nostril, hold for four seconds and then out through the other nostril As well, so there are different techniques. So we’re just gonna try this one out and see Okay, so let’s go Let’s see what my blood pressure is like now five minutes later, you can take in a few more deep breaths. It really doesn’t matter There you go So this is my blood pressure now 115/78 This just goes to show that you know deep breathing actually does work. What was it we got before? I think was 155/85 At times like that when your blood pressure is Hitting the roof because you know, you’ve been stressed out. You just need to sit down, calm down and Do your deep breathing exercises. Once you do that, your blood pressure is just gonna start coming down gradually. Okay, I Could get it even better than this But I would take this knowing where we’re coming from. I’ll take this as a victory Okay for deep breathing if you like So yes that is that you can actually control your blood pressure in minutes using deep breathing technique and it works as you saw me demonstrate there now I broke one of the rules there because I actually left the house phone beside me and true to type the phone actually rang and I Was forced to actually answer the phone because the phone was right there A friend wanted me to send a link from my blog to him. Now You shouldn’t do that. When you want to deep breathe Make sure you take all distractions away from you. In particular, your phone because if the phone is not beside you If it rings you won’t be tempted to actually answer it, so That’s that’s a lesson for you there No distractions at all. Now, deep breathing as a technique really works and it’s free and it’s easy So it’s something I believe you should incorporate into your lifestyle. Now Not everybody can control their breathing in a measured way and a group of researchers Actually realize this and they came up with a device to help people control their breathing The device is called Resperate device. Resperate. Yes this Resperate device is FDA-approved and It’s been subjected to quite a number of clinical trials and it’s been found to be effective in helping people control their blood pressure, so it’s something worth looking into the main advantage of the device is that it actually helps you control the pace as well as the depth of your breathing and But it’s got a downside. The downside being that it’s a little bit expensive. Yes, I’m not gonna lie It’s a bit pricey but if it’s something that is affordable to you then is worth looking into. I’m gonna leave links in the video description for you to go have a Look at it and see if it is something that is affordable to you Go have a look and see it does work But of course you can always do it without the device. But if you can afford it well, go for it Now if you enjoyed this video or you got some value from it Please give it a thumbs up. Hit the ‘Like’ button as usual And if you know about who’s got high blood pressure, please send this video to them. Send them the link, so they can watch it because You know deep breathing is a technique that is free. It’s available Anybody can use it. So it’s worth a shot. If you are somebody who is already using deep breathing. I want to know about it. Please leave your comments in the comment section I want all of you to start using the deep breathing technique Try it out. If you’re struggling with it let’s know about it in the commenting section. If you’re succeeding with it let us know about it as well in the comment section and then If you got any other technique of deep breathing that works for you also, let us know about it down there Okay in the comments section. If you’re using the resperate device and is working for you let’s know about your experience on the resperate device. Leave your comments in the commenting section as well. If you haven’t subscribed yet, please do subscribe. The subscription button is just right there I think that’s about it. Until next time, well, this is Dr Joe signing out

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  1. Like I said, you can use the deep breathing technique as I demonstrated there but if you would want to benefit from using the Resperate device to help you breathe deeply correctly for better results, here it is

  2. Dr. Joe. This is great information and yes it does work but I have a doctors appointment for a CDL Medical and the doctor needs to have my pressure below 140 over 90 and he is not going to allow me to deep breathe for 7 minutes prior to him taking my blood pressure any suggestions? Thank you so much in advance and yes this actually does work as I have hypertension now for many years and have used this technique

  3. Noticed that your cuff was lower than your heart. Doesn't this give and inaccurate reading? The cuff should be level with your heart

  4. Liked and shared. What a great live demo. Very inspiring (no pun intended).
    For those of us who find the device unaffordable, there are apps on smartphones that help practice deep breathing. Times can be configured at least in some of the apps.

    There is a small study on the left nostril breathing, as it is part of the pranayama techniques in yoga. Those interested may read the following. I hope I am allowed to include a link to the study article.

    Immediate effect of chandra nadi pranayama (left unilateral forced nostril breathing) on cardiovascular parameters in hypertensive patients

    Result:  Twenty seven rounds of CNP produced an immediate decrease in all the measured cardiovascular parameters with the decrease in HR, systolic pressure (SP), pulse pressure, rate-pressure product and double product being statistically significant. Further, gender-based sub-analysis of our data revealed that our male participants evidenced significant reductions in HR and SP with an insignificant decrease in diastolic pressure, while in female participants only HR decreased significantly with an insignificant decrease in SP.

  5. Yoga,, this age old practise called pranayama,, deep breath techniques,, which can be done in early morning for more benefits,,

  6. Please tell me whether pressure medicines prescribed will have to stopped or not if this deep breathing exercises done &BP at normal positon.Generally doctors say at any way BP medicine can never be stopped,pl reply

  7. Hello, I just watched your video. Thanks a lot. Pls is it possible to have different readings from both hands. Also how can I control my breathing when checking my pb

  8. I think this has to do with the breathing habit. When someone is always on attentive nature of work and where he needs to concentrate all the time, he tends to neglect his breathing. So, little air goes into his body and also it causes his nervous system to heighten. Regular deep breathing exercise at home, 2 or 3 times of 15 minutes exercise per day may cure the inactive breathing habit.

  9. Dr Joe I'm so grateful and thankful that I found you. Thank you for the great and simply explained advice. 🙋🏋😘

  10. I did that before it was great ,breathing is a meditation that relaxes the whole body ,thank you Dr blessings .

  11. Thank U. When I will do the breathing exercise and for how many days. Can I take the bp lowering drugs as usual. Pls advice.

  12. Hello doctor , am 32 years my blood pressure is normal when am check in home ,but when I went to hospital it is very high .All tests are over like ecg ,fondoscopy ,cholestrol ,sugar evrything is normal …But i had hypothyroidism since from last four years when I am prgnant at that time and even bp started from that time only still both continued .Now am worried that how to lower bp even when doctor checking also ..So please help me.Thankyou.

  13. Dear doctor,

    You great doctor. Even poor people to get back health. All patients blessings on you. Apart from patients blessings, god also bless you always.
    I request you sincerely, please give solutions to diabetes. Thanks very in advance.

  14. Dr. Simple presentation . Very good video. It is very use ful to me. IAM suffering BP. Is it possible to stop medication . IAM using medicines last 9 years. Now 49 years old

  15. First of all I want to thank you for your videos. I really want to know from you once blood pressure gets normal for how long it stays normal after deep breathing ? My blood pressure comes 150/100.

  16. I just subscribed after watching this video of yours, Doc. Joe. Tried the technique and S.O.B. IT WORKED !! I look forward to watching and learning from more of your videos.

  17. Thanks doctor am I had hbp when I was pregnant and it's my first baby, I have put to birth but still high, and am on medication, I have started taking celery juice. And also started the exercise method you gave. Tho am breastfeeding and I don't get better sleep, I will still try this method thanks alot, God bless you.

  18. My mum had high blood pressure and I was really tensed as I am 12 years old she tried this and it really worked thank you very much

  19. how many time we can do this one.i am 30 yrs my bp 150/ i low my bp pls advise me .nw i start ur exercises also

  20. That’s great to know. I don’t understand why doctors always recommend medication. I’ve had several visits to my doctor then finally told to completely reduce my intake of salt.

  21. Sir, this is Anulom Vilom Pranayam in yoga you can also do left nostril breathing and Shikari pranayam and Shwasan will normal the BP

  22. In India thousands of years back saints are investigated and written it as Pranayama,Yoga,Meditations not only for BP but also for so many disease with better natural way … for good health and happy quality life…!!!

  23. There's something very special about you Dr. Joe. You provide hands on demos and one on one feedback with all. You are not just a talk shop …. For a medical expert you make quite a big difference. Thank you.

  24. I think you're fine Dr. Everyone doesn't have the same blood pressure.. Thank you for the breathing exercises. I use them.

  25. Hello Dr.Joe, Thank You for your sensational videos! I saw from a comment that a patient with 140/90 has already in treatment! I have had same number too before a month. I found out about my blood case while I go for blood donation. Since that time I am battling with my blood. I am doing physical exercises 30minutes 4 days a week, and walking 7-11kms 2days a week. I stopped Sodium foods and Cofee too! I stopped regular checking of my blood for it elevates My blood high from anxiety. Yes I start the same 5 minutes deep breathing exercising, and controlled my blood 130/85. So what to do to cure permanently and get back to my 110/78 which i had 6month before? Thank you for your patience reading my long writings!

  26. Hello Dr.Joe , I have one more question; do u believe it is right to use mobile apps tracking your blood pressure? How accurate are they compared with app watches, digital and manual measurement. Thanks again

  27. Thank you Dr. Joe for your techniques for lowering blood pressure. I followed all of them and was happy leaving the doctors office my pressure was high even with medication, but the reading was 124/80

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