How to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally and Quickly Top 4 Superfoods
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How to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally and Quickly Top 4 Superfoods

September 1, 2019

I’m really excited to present you this video
the top 4 superfoods to lower blood pressure naturally and quickly that actually work and
are supported by science These superfoods can dramatically lower your
blood pressure even better than anti-hypertension drugs
Wait what Better than prescription blood pressure medications Seriously
Keep watching this video and I’ll show you that there are double blind clinical trials
to prove what I’m saying Hello how are your kidneys doing This is Katherine
welcome to 00Kidney – don’t forget to like and subscribe! Really good to be here today This is not your
usual how to lower blood pressure vlog with people faking their own read or maybe running
up the stairs and adopting some useless breathing technique that may work for a minute or two
just for making some views on Youtube but won’t help YOU in the long run
If you have been searching for a good how to lower blood pressure tutorial
And since I’m going to provide all the sources of the studies I’m quoting you will know that
what I’m saying is 100% accurate and effective even before trying it for yourself
Caution the superfoods and remedies I’m disclosing are so powerful and proven to work that if
you plan to follow my advice to lower blood pressure I’m asking you to consult your doctor
first and to monitor your blood pressure every day
And I know that most people feel overwhelmed and helpless when it comes to healthy eating
Your doctor maybe told you to keep blood pressure under control or to reduce salt but he left
you without any clue on what causes high blood pressure and on how to lower it naturally
This is even truer if you suffer from kidney disease or have any other medical issue
This is why I’ll be trying to make things as easy as I can and yes we’re focusing on
natural remedies as usual Because they work They are proven to work
So here we go here are the top 4 superfoods to lower blood pressure very quickly and effectively Superfood number 4 Garlic
In double blind studies with garlic the blood pressure of the participants dropped
Typically with reductions of 11 millimeters of mercury for the systolic and 5 for the
diastolic This took with some participants no more than a month
Links to the studies I’m quoting here are on the left low corner of your screen
For comparison the average anti-hypertension drug will lower your blood pressure by 9 over
5 millimeters of mercury But how does this miracle work All the benefits
of garlic are to be attributed to allicin its active compound
Allicin is activated by heat and oxygen so to get the best from garlic you should eat
it fresh The studies shown that at least 10mg of allicin
a day are required to get these astounding results
To get enough allicin eat 1 to 4 cloves of fresh garlic a day The more you eat the more
the pressure is going to drop So I’m going to suggest you to start eating
just one clove a day first Then try with two three or four
Ok I know what you’re going to ask now how I’m I supposed to eat all that garlic
Easy Garlic pills Don’t swallow the whole clove and don’t chew it Just cut it into smaller
pieces and swallow them right away with a drink to ease the hot flavor
Drinks with some fats are the best So why not make a drink with the next superfood to
make things even better Superfood n3 Dark chocolate
Dark chocolate has been thoroughly studied recently and it’s proven to lower blood pressure
in all the participants of the studies And when a big number of participants is taken
into account this is not very common So dark chocolate really works
It can also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and can improve cholesterol levels
How does it work Cocoa powder and dark chocolate are rich in flavonoids and these compounds
have the property of dilating blood vessels There’s only a problem with chocolate Chocolate
bars and industrially made beverages are so full of added sugar that it can counteract
almost all the benefits of the flavonoids Luckily there’s a way to get the benefits
without the added sugar Use unsweetened non-alkalized cocoa powder
or pure dark chocolate You can add the cocoa powder to a fruit smoothie
it will not just be healthy and lower your blood pressure it will also be delightful
Superfood n2 Almonds Almonds can dramatically lower your blood
pressure Almonds have several metabolic benefits and
like other tree nuts can really help lowering blood pressure
They are really rich in magnesium one cup of almonds can provide about 60% or more of
the RDA for this essential mineral This is important because lack of magnesium
is strongly linked with high blood pressure and many other bodily processes Yes lack of
magnesium can really wreak havoc with our metabolism
And there are several studies showing that correcting magnesium deficiency can significantly
lower blood pressure Now here is the interesting part about 68%
of US adults are below the recommended daily dose of magnesium So adding almonds to our
diet can really make a big difference What I recommend is to eat one cup or about
100 grams of almonds a day to maintain optimum levels
Remember that they are very rich in fats so take them into account if you are restricted
on calories Superfood n1 Beetroot
This superfood has been gaining popularity due to recent studies proving its efficacy
in improving athletic performance preventing bad cholesterol supporting liver and kidney
health and increasing blood flow while lowering blood pressure
For sure beetroot can be considered a superfood In a double blind study patients consumed
a 250 milliliter or one cup of beetroot juice a day for 4 weeks They experienced a reduction
in blood pressure of 8 over 4 This means that blood pressure medications
became useless for them After the study ended and they stopped drinking
beetroot juice their blood pressure returned to the higher levels they were before the
study These results as incredible as they may seem
are possible thanks to the dietary nitrate present in large quantities in beetroots The
body converts it into nitric oxide capable of relaxing and dilating blood vessels researchers
say Another interesting remedy against high blood
pressure is CBD a compound present in cannabis that is legal where medical marijuana is legal
Check out my previous video to know more about it
This is all for today! If you liked this video please like and leave
a comment Thank you for watching!

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  1. Thank you everyone for your great support. I'll try to answer all your questions in comment section. Feel free to ask. God bless & best wishes!
    Katherine & Michael

  2. You know what? getting good sleep and eating vegetables. Cardio at least 5 days a week. And avoid harsh foods like pork and red meat.

  3. Low carb diets and extended fast will drop your pressure a matter of weeks. Stop the medications people, they will only make it worse.

  4. Hello Doctor
    I have recently found out I have high BP 150.
    I have started drinking garlic water daily ,one chopped up garlic.
    Do I still get benefits from this ?
    Should I try swallowing the chopped up garlic and has anyone tried this ?
    Iโ€™m also drinking organic apple cider vinegar with a glass of water daily
    Eating almonds & walnuts daily
    Eating celery , carrots ,bananas daily
    Iโ€™m also meditating for 10 mins a day daily
    Iโ€™m going to check my bp in 4 weeks
    I go back to the doctors in July for a check up I donโ€™t want to go on any meds

  5. All you need is the garlic and beets chocolate to fatty and who the fuck is going to eat a cup of almonds a day

  6. Girl, you'll be the best home remedies for hypertension. No more medications will be needed.

  7. Iearn to swallow garlics raw from sunrise farmer channel, very much helpful and simple

  8. A very wrong approach!
    What about other nuts- like Brazil, Macademia, Walnuts are better than almonds, 2 What about other vegetables like Kale, Spinach, Red onions, 3 What about oils like Olive, Fish oil etc, 4 What about fluids like Coconut, 5 Omega3- what about Oily Fish like Salmon, mackerel, Sardines! 5 What about seeds like Pumpkin, Sunflower, Lin, Sesame 5 Berries- what about berries like Goji, Blue, Rasp 6 What about other fruit like watermelon and banana!!
    The video is too shallow!
    The best is to classify Chemicals/Nutrients/Minerals that lower BP and mechanisms thereof! Example
    A- allicin, B- magnesium, C- Pot asium, D-Omega-3, E- Citrulline C- Vitamin-C and so on! Then you can provide best sources!
    The best example

  9. Great video!!! Love it. But not double Okidney. O is an alphabet not a number. Double zero kidney.๐Ÿ˜Ž

  10. Just looking at and listening to this beautiful gorgeous girl is actually INCREASING my blood pressure.

  11. Hello I would like to make a drink out of the ingredients you displayed what liquid can I use to mix with the garlic coco walnuts beetroot? And how much? Thanks!!

  12. Hi there, Aloha from Maui. First…Thank you!! Just an FYI, it's what i do; I throw a clove of raw garlic in a blender, add frozen bananas, blueberries and protein powder [mostly for taste:)] and water, then blend and drink.
    Honestly, Why??? Do women pay for baby food???? what a waste of [email protected] Throw some steamed pumpkin in a blender, some honey and water. This gives MOM the control. If the baby is sick add Garlic and tumeric, some blueberries, honey, just make it taste good…..then blend and drink, or for a baby,,,,,less water and spoon feed.
    Also, wanta get your kids to eat spinich; throw a handful in a blender, add Bberries, babanas…..whatever, some honey and water and churn it up. If your fruit is frozen it's like a healthy smoothie. God bless.

  13. I use garlic fresh, beets, soursop/guanabana leaves or fruit also apple cider vinegar, alkaline water, lemon water and coconut water.

  14. Very excellent information. What is your need to show all that cleverer. Are you insecure. You embarrass yourself

  15. I have been averaging 145/100 and been taking meds. I noticed that after drinking a large glass of spinach and almond nuts smoothie, my blood pressure drops to about 120/83, but it lasts for only about 10 hours, then my pressure goes back to 140/100 or so. (1) Is spinach another proven solutions too? If yes, why didn't you mention it? (2) Will garlic give me 24 hours positive results unlike spinach that is only halfa day result? (3) Should I stop my blood pressure meds when using the super foods you mentioned? Please reply. Pls don't ignore. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Watch my 2019 guide on how to lower blood pressure: the 3 steps method.

  17. Eating one cup of Almonds just to lower BP is ridiculous, too much calories. There are other less calorie dense food to eat like green leafy vegetables that contain magnesium as well as potassium which is also a key nutrient in BP control.

  18. You are an angel!! Thank you for this information on nutritional foods to help lower blood pressure. I am taking all of what you are saying to heart. I was able to lower my blood pressure successfully! Thank you and God bless!!,๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘

  19. and this is how lot of high blood presure patience died at a stroke! so bad and anoying people believe this kind of fake videos!

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