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How to Find an Eating Disorder Clinic | Eating Disorders

August 22, 2019

So, I may have mentioned elsewhere in this
video series how to find one’s way to eating disorder clinics. There can be lots of ways to do this. A simple Google search can be one way, but
often times people like to have specific guidelines that are a little more specific than random
searches into Google. One organization that can be particularly
helpful in referring people to eating disorder clinics is the Nation Eating Disorders Association
or NEDA. NEDA really has a national network information
database of different treatment centers and resources throughout the country. I’ve mentioned before that academic medical
centers can be a great place to contact. Many academic medical centers have a lot of
specialty clinics and departments; so a specialty eating disorder clinic may be on site at an
academic medical centers. At that type of clinic, because they’re in
an academic center, may be likely to have treatment that’s informed by the latest scientific
research by strongest clinical evidence. If they don’t have a clinic on site they may
still be able to refer you, within the department of psychiatry to another center, nearby that
does have type of specialty eating disorders expertise. So, those are some different routes that you
can take; contacting the academic centers, going through an organization like NEDA, looking
online through Google or other search engines, and the final thing can be trying to plug
into communities where you can meet other people struggling with these types of illnesses. Often times, word of mouth can be the best
way to get connected with one of these treatment centers and an eating disorder clinic that’s
going to be the right fit for you.

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