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November 4, 2019

hello I’m Japanese fruit tree instructor
Ichiro get used to listening to my Japanese accent that I speak then you
can watch this video and learn how to grow highest-quality Japanese grapes
that’s diarrhea if you want grow $1 bunch of grapes I recommend you stop
watching this video right now however if you want to grow worth more than $10 a bunch
watch this video till the end today I’m going to talk about
fertilizer check this calendar and get a good understanding of fertilizer you
give to the grapes this is Japanese case so please take
into account the difference with your area so what kind of fertilizer is
needed when nitrogen is most important fertilizer for plants so I speak based on
nitrogen nitrogen is very important but any fruit will lose quality if there are
too effective during ripening however plants cannot make sugar unless the
leaves strong strong yeah what makes sugar
what makes sugar in grapes fertilizer no fertilizer makes leaves strong and leaves
makes sugar yeah but Reza’s fertilizer should be given to
strengthen the leaves to make sugar do not keep directory to the fruit itself
this is the most important time for fertilizer application fertilizers at
the time of fallen leaves support grapes of the year at this point you think it
is to early to give the fertilizer but what we want to avoid the most is that the
fertilizer works when the flowers blooming and the fruits growing this is
the one I use all organic podracer chemical fertilizers are rarely used in
Japanese fruit tree cultivation organic fertilizers are best suited for
long-term effects this fertilizer contains fish meal fish meal rice bran
bone meal and etcetera yeah six percent nitrogen
eight percent phosphorus and four percent of potassium fertilizer is given
and June only when the tree is weak in this case a very fast affecting chemical
fertilizer is suitable when harvesting fruits in September
there is also an auxiliary fertilizer timing this will support energy storage
next year as the root growth in the pole in Japan hi valued added grape
cultivation does not focus on fertilizer management the more important factors
how many branches how many branches and leaves reserved for particular
fertilizer and how much right how much rights and water is given to enable
photosynthesis yeah I’m going to upload the video when the grape season starts
yeah so please subscribe if you are interested in my video most of my videos
are in in Japanese in Japan’s but I will continue to upload fruits about fruits
and vegetable thank you bye right

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  1. Hi, Tsuru-chan! Nice video distribution in English. Sakai looks good too. Look forward to more and more Fukuoka!

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