How To Deal With Naysayers Keto
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How To Deal With Naysayers Keto

December 3, 2019

everyone this is Denise back with Keto
with Denise and another one of those burning questions on the Keto journey
this one comes up more than I can tell you I’ve even experienced it how do you
handle the naysayers of Keto believe it or not as a certified Keto coach I
still get this challenge right but here’s what I’ve learned to do and I
want you to use this technique as well because one I like to make it fun for
myself no longer being defensive no longer trying to sell people on Quito
and the benefits of Quito we’re gonna have some fun with it okay so one of the
things you can do is ask them what they know about Keto and you’re gonna be
blown away at the incorrect information that comes out of most people’s mouths
about Keto and because you’re so well-informed hopefully you’ve been
watching and the videos on my channel you’re well informed about healthy Keto
so when you start to hear some of the stuff that people say you automatically
know they are not informed so why get upset about that
let them go okay another question you can have asking has having some fun with
this is ask them what they’re doing to improve their health or lose weight and
is it working you’ll know that answer for the most part but just ask them well
what are you doing to lose weight or improve your health right and see what
comes back from that another fun thing to ask is ask them if they’ve ever try
Aikido most people that are really bashing the ketogenic way of eating have
never tried it so they don’t even know if it works and not only that they
really don’t understand it either so have a little fun with it but here’s a
way to take it even further let your results speak for themselves people are
going to be watching you stay the course we have videos on how to do successful
keto healthy keto at that so I want you to stay the course let your results
speak and after a while those naysayers be them family friends colleagues
co-workers whatever they’re going to be applauding your success some of them
most of them will want to join you on that journey okay so just stay the
course and have a little fun with this one thanks for watching hi if
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