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How to Avoid Binges by Eating Consciously | SuperSoul Sunday | Oprah Winfrey Network

August 21, 2019

OPRAH: I literally remember standing in the pantry just, you know, I’m eating almonds because, you know, almonds are supposed to be healthy for you. But not a bucket of them. GENEEN: (Laughter.) Right. OPRAH: So I’m saying, though, a lot of people can’t name whatever it is, whatever is the story they’re telling themselves, because they’re kind of unconsciously doing it. GENEEN: Yes. But if you ask yourself — so if you’re eating unconsciously, chances are there’s a ghost child there. That’s what I’m saying. If it’s me that’s eating a bucket of almonds, then I can pretty much bet that something got triggered in me that I wasn’t aware of when it got triggered. OPRAH: Absolutely. Yeah. GENEEN: So she or some part of you wants something. And it might just want a moment to sit down and just find out what got triggered. What happened there? OPRAH: Yeah. Absolutely. GENEEN: Yeah. OPRAH: Yeah. I’ve been in that. I’ve been in that. GENEEN: Yeah. OPRAH: Okay. So set your intention to heal means knowing that whenever that thing gets triggered, hey, hey, just having an aha, whenever that thing gets triggered, that’s really a holy moment for you. GENEEN: That’s right. OPRAH: That’s a holy moment that you get to — you get yet another chance. GENEEN: Yes. Exactly. OPRAH: To fix this thing. GENEEN: Yes. That is the holy moment. That’s why it’s a doorway. That’s why food is the doorway. OPRAH: Yes. GENEEN: Because when you want to eat and you’re not hungry, you have the chance, yet another chance, to say, oh. If my purpose of really, when you know what your intention is, which is to show up in this life, while you’re still here on earth, that’s the other thing that’s showing up and the body does, landing on your body, you get to show up on earth while you’re still here. You don’t get to miss your life. OPRAH: Yeah. That’s our number one intention. GENEEN: And if you’re eating — my thing is ice cream. If I’m eating ice cream when I’m not hungry, I’m not doing that. OPRAH: Okay. GENEEN: That’s why it’s helpful to remind myself that my intention is to show up completely. OPRAH: Well, this friend of mine sent me this delicious ice cream. So I was — I sent him a note to thank him over the holidays saying thank you for sending the ice cream. And he goes, but he goes I didn’t know you were doing the Weight Watchers thing. Can you still eat ice cream? I said, I can eat anything I want. I cannot eat the whole carton. I eat it slowly, intentionally, and deliberately. GENEEN: Oh. OPRAH: And I enjoy every spoonful until I no longer feel that sensation of pleasure. GENEEN: Yes. Fabulous. OPRAH: Isn’t it? GENEEN: Because when you eat compulsively or emotionally, you’re missing the taste of food. OPRAH: Yeah. I would agree with that. GENEEN: You’re doing it to assuage the loneliness or whatever got triggered. But you’re doing it for that. OPRAH: No, you’re doing it to fill the hole. GENEEN: Yes. To fill that hole.

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  1. This is so true, after I started meditating & deliberately becoming conscious, without even focusing on food I stopped over eating without really even thinking about it. It was a slow and gradual process though, over several years. I didn't get mad at myself for over eating when I did it, and I didn't judge myself in the mirror. I just stayed focused on my inner world rather than my external, continually putting my focus back there if I ever found myself looking in the mirror & not liking what I saw. I'm now thinner than I was when I was deliberately restricting all my calories until I almost fainted; but I'm at a healthy weight & I have what I would describe as a calm relationship with food.

    The real turning point I think came when I noticed I liked my smile & thought it was beautiful, so I'd make a point to smile & laugh with myself in the mirror, pull funny faces at myself, anything to make me see the beauty that was already there. I think that also helped me develop the muscles in my face that make it more attractive now too, although I certainly wasn't thinking about that at the time.

  2. Wish I had access to oprah I have a invention that can change the world for the better just no funds to get it up in running

  3. Just had an AHA! moment Every time I feel the urge to eat compulsively/emotionally.That's another opportunity to sit down and identify my trigger. Identify that need/want from my inner child.

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