How I felt after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes
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How I felt after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes

October 30, 2019

The four emotions that you go through the
first one is a feeling of shock, second is really more of a feeling of
sadness and denial of saying well if I just avoid it it it’ll go away and it
doesn’t go away and then the third and fourth emotions are a depression and the
depression of having to deal with something that you feel no control over
and that, that you feel that it’s going to be progressively just getting worse
and that there’s really nothing that you know, what to do or how to do it. I was
diagnosed close to 30 years ago I thought my life was over and not only
that but I, I really went to the point in depression to where I no longer even wanted to work on my diabetes because I thought it was an exercise in
futility, it’s not futile and it’s not the end of your life the approach to
diabetes is a personal journey and it starts when you are diagnosed and it
ends when you take your last breath hopefully there’s a long time in between.

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