How I beat teenage eating disorders and depression!
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How I beat teenage eating disorders and depression!

August 19, 2019

My name is Ruhi, I’m 16 years
old and I’ve just finished Thrive I was consulting because I had
anorexia, bulimia and depression This is my third year of it…
I was in and about of therapy I had different medicines
for around three years I recovered in October and
I had a relapse in January so I decided to do Thrive
and this programme has helped me so much
more than any therapy and medicine that I’ve had
in the past three years. At the start of the programme
my self-esteem was 20% I had no control over
anything and I’d lost perspective of
everything I was doing I didn’t really think
very much of myself I basically looked in
the mirror and wanted to gag every time
I saw myself To be honest, Cara (Thrive
Consultant) helped me so much because she made
me aware of what I was thinking and the
fact that I’m the only one who can change
what I’m thinking. Everyone’s helped me
but it’s my mind and I can change what I’m
thinking and what I’m doing… I just re-did my self-esteem quiz
and it’s 92% – so very happy. Thrive is an amazing programme you just feel by the end of
it that you can handle whatever you’re going through. No matter how hard it is,
what you’re going through, you can handle it and deal with it and Thrive will definitely
help you overcome that So I definitely definitely
recommend doing Thrive…

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