How can you decrease your blood pressure if you have hypertension?
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How can you decrease your blood pressure if you have hypertension?

September 2, 2019

To me, the best ways to reduce blood pressure
in patients who have high blood pressure is to use lifestyle measures and not drugs. Now,
it’s incredibly important that you’re aware that lifestyle measures can add a huge amount
to the management of patients with high blood pressure, because each of them in their own
way drops blood pressure by a few points and additively they can result in blood pressure
being treated to target levels. For instance, daily exercise,
dynamic cardiovascular exercise in the form of running or cycling or swimming or rowing or even cross trainer, sessions lasting 30 minutes at least four
or five times a week are all proven to lower blood pressure
substantially. A healthy diet that is low in salt and high
in potassium containing supplements such as fruit and vegetables is also well proven
to lower blood pressure. To me, one of the most interesting
things that I am able to demonstrate to patients in the clinic is
that controlled breathing improves the blood pressure substantially, particularly in stressed-out
people who have busy jobs or who have busy professional – personal lives at home with
young children to bring up and no time on their hands. The important thing here is that in the clinic,
I am able to demonstrate that the difference in blood pressure between being seated and
breathing their normal way and lying down and breathing deeply can sometimes be as much
as 30 or 40 millimetres of mercury. If they If they were able to use controlled breathing to lower
the blood pressure on a regular basis, this might result in cure of hypertension without
the need for tablets. And therefore, I end up encouraging a lot of my patients to look into
use of yoga techniques, Pilates or even meditation as stress is a major contributor
to high blood pressure.

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