How Bullet Proof Coffee Help me with Intermittent Fasting These Days?
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How Bullet Proof Coffee Help me with Intermittent Fasting These Days?

October 28, 2019

What’s up guys, this is bulletproof coffee
introducing a bulletproof coffee if you have not heard about it I have heard
about it about three months ago and I tried it actually heard it from one of
my students learning from Korean students but was I was teaching her
English well and it has been successful for me having the fact that I I can’t go
to the gym often as I want and I will not show you how to do the bulletproof
coffee so first of all you need water virgin coconut oil there’s no drama and
of course the good coffee good quality coffee and butter so this is how I’m
doing all I do is to mix everything all in into blender this is my small little
blender and I add coconut oil like a teaspoon of it and shortcut or 1
tablespoon of good quality butter and brewed coffee I just put all in and then
I put it into the blender I blend it for maybe just a few seconds and that’s it
that’s how I do the bulletproof coffee and I do this in the morning when we
wake up in the morning when I get up in the morning I do this like 8 o’clock
a.m. 8 a.m. sorry and this is on top of this coffee I will have a lot of water
in between until maybe one o’clock that’s the time then my first meal of
the day and sometimes it gets even longer having said what I said it is very
important that you really have to eat a proper food and what I heard that
intermittent fasting is actually 70% good fats intake in your body and 5%
calories and 5% or other 10% protein aside from that eating intermittent like
for example I will not eat 16 or 17 hours and because of the bulletproof
coffee it gives you a kind of full you feel full so you don’t feel like eating
but you have to drink a lot of water in between the day during that 16 or 17
hours or you can start be beaten if you feeling hungry already after 10 hours so
what you do is my last meal in the evening would be about 7 or 8 o’clock so
I will count from 9 p.m. and then all the way to the following day count
within 16 to 17 hours sometimes longer I used to be the person who afraid of not
eating on time because of my gastric problem and now I prove it to you that
it actually does not affect any of that I feel good, I feel light, I keep on my
weight and yeah I don’t I don’t put on weight and so far I have not been
feeling the kind of of having the high blood pressure because of course you
have so monitor but I when I feel like I’m having a high blood pressure something
my neck here is kind of like kind of uneasy and then you start having
headache that’s the time I know that my my blood pressure is high so I have not
been feeling that because I since I was doing intermittent fasting and I really
really feel light and I hope you guys try it if you are the person who have
not really successful in losing weight try try to do the intermittent fasting I
can only share it with you with based on my experience nothing more I’m not a
professional advisor whatsoever I am just sharing you guys based on my
experience and I still try to do gym in between if it can at least one hour and
if you guys I know that when I go to the gym I really do it like really do it
like really sweat I have no time to chat chat or check on my phone I just keep
doing it and really hard work in the gym or if I go for a walk I really walk fast
and I time myself and I really drench a lot of a sweat so that’s how it’s about
concentration about what we do about motivation and nobody shall motivate you
but yourself so I hope this video will enlighten you will motivate you and if
you have some questions always ask me I can share you what I do and you can
share with me what you do so we can always share some opinion and share it
to the world so that others may get some good values in us and thank you for
watching and hopefully you subscribe to my channel if this is your first time
and by the way this is my first video for my post small mini that’s right Osmo
mini. DJI Osmo you

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  1. I LOVE bullet proof codfee! Great share.
    I have a channel that focuses on RV life and following a Ketogenic lifestyle. Please stop by and check out my channel. I'm subbing to your channel because I like what I see. I hope you like what you see on mine and subscribe!⭐

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