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High Blood Pressure

September 16, 2019

Hello I’m doctor John Trowbridge and I’m the director of the high blood pressure
program here at Kaiser Permanente at Santa Rosa. High blood pressure is also known as the
silent killer and usually has no symptoms that you can
feel, but it can still hurt you by slowly damaging your blood vessels and critical blood supply. It drastically
increases your chances of having a stroke, heart attack or kidney disease. It’s like
clogged plumbing. if the clog occurs here in your head,
it’s a stroke, in your heart it’s a heart attack in
your kidneys, it causes kidney failure in your legs
it’s called peripheral artery disease or P.A.D. It’s all the same thing, corroded plumbing. If you wait until symptoms occur, blood
vessels are generally almost closed and treatment at this
point can be difficult and is very dangerous. The good news is
that you can definitely make changes that will lower
your blood pressure and lower your risk of having serious health problems or dying young. If you’re a smoker, you
should quit. This is without doubt the most important
change you can make to lower your blood pressure and improve
your health overall. Get more exercise, be active for at least
30 to 60 minutes on most days of the week. If you’re overweight losing five to ten
percent of your body weight by eating less fat and salt and smaller portions could help reduce
your risk. Talk to your health educator at Kaiser Permanente or your physician
if you need help with weight loss recommendations. If you take blood pressure medications
it’s really important to take your medication exactly as prescribed by your
doctor. Regular blood pressure screenings are a
critical part managing blood pressure effectively and preventing heart attack and stroke.
Your doctor needs this information to make sure you’re taking the proper
dosage medications. So, please call Kaiser Permanente today
and ask for an appointment to have your blood pressure checked to see if we need to make
recommendations or changes in your diet, exercise or blood pressure medications.
Please take time to manage your high blood pressure. You will stay healthier and live longer
if you do and thank you for listening to this
message and taking action today.

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