High Blood Pressure Tips & Treatments : Role of High Blood Pressure in Arterial Sclerosis
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High Blood Pressure Tips & Treatments : Role of High Blood Pressure in Arterial Sclerosis

September 1, 2019

Now we want to look at the role of arterial
sclerosis in blood pressure, or how high blood pressure can promote arterial sclerosis. Basically,
when you’re taking about high blood pressure creating arterial sclerosis it’s that shearing
force that we know when you squeeze down on a water hose that has water coming out of
it; it increases the pressure, and it’s more of a shearing force. Arterial sclerosis is
basically “a.k.a.” hardening of the arteries. With that hardening of the arteries, you have
a decreased elastic coil. We an use the example of a rubber band. When that rubber band has
decreased elastic recoil. We have to remember that when you’re talking about blood pressure;
it’s all about volume and recoil. If you don’t have recoil you don’t have the ability to
accommodate higher blood pressures, so higher recoil in a band like this will allow for
that accommodation. When you get into thicker bands; you don’t have the same recoil potential,
and therefore; the pressure within that system is a lot higher. Let’s take an example of
a thin elasticity, and a thicker elasticity, and we’ll see how it’s a lot easier for me
to put pressure into this one,
and that recoil comes back; versus this thicker one; it’s a little bit harder. They both do have
good elastic recoil, but the thicker it is the less accommodation you have. The more
pressure you have in a system, the more of a shearing force you have, and therefore;
the more damage you get to that arterial system; thus promoting the arterial sclerosis. It’s
kind of a dog chasing its tail effect. Now we want to talk about interventions, lifestyle
and exercise; things you can do to help keep your blood pressure at safe ranges.

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