High Blood Pressure, The Silent Killer!
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High Blood Pressure, The Silent Killer!

August 31, 2019

Did you know there is a killer on the loose? He is responsible for the death of over 360,000
people every year! He’s sneaky, silent, and around every corner. So why hasn’t anyone put him behind bars
already? Well, he’s not the masked villain who walks
the streets at night that you’re all imagining. The killer is actually high blood pressure. And despite common beliefs, high blood pressure
has virtually no symptoms. It truly is a silent killer. But, don’t panic just yet. There are easy steps you can take to protect
yourself from harm. Did you know your community pharmacist can
help you maintain and control healthy blood pressure? They can be your first line of defense and
help guide you in lowering your high blood pressure. Arm yourself with the knowledge and resources
found at your community pharmacy. When you’re partnered with your community pharmacist, nothing can stop you from a healthy lifestyle.

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