High Blood Pressure Awareness feat. Lamman Rucker “Man Cave”
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High Blood Pressure Awareness feat. Lamman Rucker “Man Cave”

September 13, 2019

– Yo Dee, come on man, waitin’ on you. – [Dee] I’m comin’ man. – What you doin’ in there? – Ah man, I had to get these– Oh! I had to get these chips, baby. – You sound like you outta shape, bro. (chuckling) You remember what your
doctor told you about eating all these snacks. – Ugh, here we go. – Alright, you gonna have to watch your blood pressure, dude. – Man, come on look, I’m fine. Plus, it’s just more for
the ladies to love, man. You can’t be mad at that. (laughing) Anyway, look man, where’s Marcus? – Who, Salty Mark? (both chuckling) He’ll be here in a few minutes. – Why you call him Salty Mark, man? – I call him Salty Mark
because just like you, he’s always eating all this salty food and drinking sodas with everything. (cell phone ringing and vibrating) Oh that’s ya boy right here. – Oh that’s Mark? – Uh huh. Salty Mark, what’s up man, where you at? What? Hold on, what happened? Okay, okay. – What’s going on? – Yo, that wasn’t Mark,
that was his wife, Kelly. Marcus had a heart attack. – [Voiceover] Uncontrolled
high blood pressure is serious and can have tragic consequences. It can lead to heart attack, stroke and even death. Visit heart.org/bloodpressure
to learn more about how you and your friends can avoid the consequences of high blood pressure. If you care, say something.

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