High Blood Pressure and Stroke – Carson City Man Faces the Recovery
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High Blood Pressure and Stroke – Carson City Man Faces the Recovery

September 8, 2019

My speech was a bit slurred and I could
tell that that something was wrong and so and we went back in and told him, “hey,
when can I go to hospital?” His blood pressure was so high they told us
he needs to be up at Renown and so he would CareFlight up here. So they did
the right thing at going the closest hospital. As soon as you find a
hemorrhagic stroke you actually need to go to a center that has a neurosurgeon.
So the neurosurgeons were immediately consulted. The blood builds up in the
brain and there’s a potential that you could need brain surgery. Not that he had
a tumor or an aneurysm, his hemorrhagic stroke was caused from high blood
pressure. When we got to the neuro floor, they that’s when they said we need to
find a rehab facility. When I arrived, I couldn’t walk
my left side and I could not talk yet. In looking at Sean’s imaging and seeing
the size of his stroke and the location he actually had a very good functional
outcome – better than I would have expected based on just looking at his
imaging. But what we know about strokes is that you cannot predict someone’s
recovery based on what the brain injury looks like. We’ve been here three and a
half weeks and everybody’s so kind to us. We’ve gotten to know everybody and
the care is amazing. This place is an amazing place. It is humbling but I’m
looking forward to getting back to life as we do it. I just know in my heart
he’ll he’s gonna be back to normal soon! He’s made, in four weeks,
he went from not talking not walking nothing to look at him now!

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