High Blood Pressure – A Silent Killer
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High Blood Pressure – A Silent Killer

October 18, 2019

(upbeat music) – High blood pressure is known
to be as the silent killer. It’s a disease that
goes on without symptoms and goes unnoticed and
the first catastrophe would be a stroke or heart attack, or a major disaster. So it’s key to identify
the high blood pressure and to treat it as early as possible. The high blood pressure
situation, or disease process goes on for years before
it can cause symptoms. Mild cases of high blood pressure can be treated with
certain diet modification and certain exercise programs. A person who’s mildly obese,
who has mild hypertension, can have normal blood pressure,
by losing, 10 20 pounds. A person who eats salt in their diet, can probably bring down
their blood pressure by avoiding salt. But if the blood pressure condition is high enough where the
diet and weight reduction is not successful in controlling it. In that case a person
has to be on medications. 90% of the people with high blood pressure have what we call essential hypertension. Which is the normal atherosclerosis, those people may need to be on one, two or three medications. There’s a new treatment on the horizon, and it’s a procedure where you intervene on the nerves supplying the kidneys. It’s a procedure done in the cath lab, a cath lab like this, and by affecting the nerve
supply to the kidneys, the kidneys don’t respond
as well to the stimulation from the nervous system, and
then the blood pressure drops. If the blood pressure is
left untreated for years, you have created atherosclerosis,
advanced atherosclerosis in the body all together,
in the heart arteries, in the kidney arteries,
in the brain arteries. So you end up with what
we call end organ damage. And the case or coronary artery disease, if the arteries of the
heart are clogged up, showing signs of advanced atherosclerosis, from uncontrolled hypertension, then that person is having
angina, or myocardial infarction. If you let this high blood
pressure go untreated for years, you may be risking having mini strokes, TIAs and having a stroke. You may end up having with
what we call nephrosclerosis, which will be from compromised
flow into the kidneys, and causing kidney damage. If you’re blood supply
to the liver or pancreas is compromised, you are
risking having diabetes. If you have peripheral vascular disease, you may have what we call
intermittent claudication which means that the legs will hurt, every time the person walks, from compromised circulation. It goes without saying, that the high blood
pressure should be treated, so that we don’t face a
disaster down the road. (upbeat music)

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