Help Patients Take Blood Pressure Medicines As Directed
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Help Patients Take Blood Pressure Medicines As Directed

September 7, 2019

One in four new prescriptions for hypertension medications are never filled. A major problem when 70% of U.S.
adults over 65 have high blood pressure, and only half of them have it under control. Even hypertensive patients covered by Medicare
Part D have high rates of non-adherence, too often skipping doses, taking the wrong amount,
or stopping their medication altogether. And if your patients live in the Southern
United States, Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands rates of hypertension medication
non-adherence can reach almost sixty percent. So what if there was a prescription for
healthcare professionals instead? One that would help you help your patients
avoid strokes and heart or kidney disease. It would have to
be evidence-based, easy to add to your everyday clinical practice, customizable—so your entire healthcare team can
play a role in helping patients take their medicine, and most of all simple.
Like 90-day refills, combination medicines,
and coordinated pickups. Medication adherence is a complicated
issue, but one you can help solve by counseling your patients to take an
active role in managing their hypertension. For more tools and resources visit [MUSIC]

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  1. I recommend my patients open up some of their blood vessels to lower the pressure. My practice is bringing bloodletting back!

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