Heart Attack Survivor Story at Aventura Hospital and Medical Center
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Heart Attack Survivor Story at Aventura Hospital and Medical Center

December 3, 2019

(somber piano music) (jubilant classical music) – [Narrator] By all
accounts, Karen Henderson should not be standing here today. – I died three times
and went to the light. Saw the light, saw my
grandparents, my mother, my father and they told me to go home, said go home. – It’s not your time.
– Go home they said. – It’s not your time.
– No. – [Narrator] Getting back home, was nothing short of a miracle. Karen’s story begins at work,
outside a Walmart store. – I’m the one you see walking
around in plain clothes with the cap, looking at the cameras, and catching the shoplifters,
that’s what I do. I’ve been doing that, 36 years, I worked 23 years for Woolworth. (dramatic music) – [Narrator] Karen and an off duty officer had just chased down a
shoplifter, when she collapsed. – [Karen] Right then
in slow motion, I fell. And when I fell, I
dropped dead, I was dead. – [Narrator] Karen was in cardiac arrest. – Well, she stopped breathing,
her heart had stopped. – [Narrator] Sergeant Jorge
Yero jumped into action calling for rescue and rushing to his car for a defibrillator. – He hooked me up and the
defibrillator says, shock. So he shocked me. – Rescue pulled up, maybe a minute later. – [Narrator] Paramedics delivered Karen to Aventura Hospital
without a minute to loose. Her had stopped yet again. That’s when doctors
decided to try something they had never tried before. They would use this
machine, the Arctic Sun, to induce therapeutic hypothermia. The idea is to reduce the
risk of injury to the brain following cardiac arrests. – We take their
temperature down to 91.4 F. The belief is that it preserves oxygen from the brain and the heart. It allows it to work
at needing less oxygen. – [Narrator] The system
works by circulating chilled water in pads, directly adhered to the patient’s skin. It’s shown to reduce the mortality of successfully resuscitated
cardiac arrest victims by 35% and increase the chance of a good neurologic outcome by 39%. And for Karen, it was her last chance. – In a few minutes, my whole
body turned to a big chill and I believe they had me
like that for 48 hours. Then it took 24 hours
for them to defrost me. – And so after undergoing this treatment Miss Henderson is looking
absolutely fabulous, and wonderful in her red today. – [Narrator] And today Karen Henderson is back at Adventura Hospital to thank all of the people who
did so much to save her life. – And I wanna thank Adventura Hospital, thank, thank you, thank you, thank you! And Dr. Jaraki, this is my
cardiologist, I love em. – [Narrator] As these
professionals will tell you, this truly was a team effort, from the moment Karen collapsed, until she walked out of the hospital. – A lot of things
happened, that worked well. God has been very good to her, to us. The program strives to do a great job and that’s our commitment. – [Narrator] And now Karen
has made it her mission, to share her story, knowing
the outcome could have been so very different. – This was not my time, oh yes!

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