Heart Arrhythmia Care – Paul’s Story
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Heart Arrhythmia Care – Paul’s Story

September 10, 2019

[music]>>PAUL: There are more parts in a typical
grand piano than there are in most automobiles. [music]>>I’ve had A-Fib for quite a while, so I’ve been on blood thinners, I guess since
my 50’s. [music]>>On Thanksgiving Day, I passed out in the
bathroom and almost bled to death. I was apparently bleeding from my esophagus and didn’t know it.>>DR. VASAIWALA: Atrial fibrillation is the most common cause of stroke in this country. The concern that patients face in the context of blood thinners for atrial fibrillation is the risk of bleeding. And by implanting a WATCHMAN, we reduce that
risk dramatically. The WATCHMAN device is a device that blocks
out the part of the heart where blood clots originate from and thereby
reduces the risk of stroke. And in patients who we successfully implant
WATCHMAN into, they can stop their blood thinners. It’s a minimally invasive procedure. It’s done with putting a catheter into the
vein in the leg. And generally speaking, they’ll go home the
next day in the morning.>>PAUL: I learned that Maine Med has an awesome reputation for it’s cardiology. And I was very happy that I could get back
to Mid Coast for my follow up.>>DR. LOWENSTEIN: I think it’s a great
benefit for our patients. Showing that we have coordination of care
with Maine Medical Center, the larger hospital in the area, and allowing those patients to have that short commute back to their own cardiologist who stay involved with their care. Okay. Bye bye.>>PAUL: I’m now pretty much retired. Ok. But not completely retired. I think we’re done. There’s a lot about retirement that’s pretty nice. Lot’s of time to just kick back, enjoy the grandchildren and watch them grow. [music]

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