Health Warnings About Eating Oats/Oatmeal, Especially For Breakfast!
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Health Warnings About Eating Oats/Oatmeal, Especially For Breakfast!

October 30, 2019

Today I’m going to talk about oats and oatmeal. You’ll discover
Some important health benefits What’s the best form of oats
Why you should NOT eat them for breakfast and the best time to eat them
The surprising negatives Health warnings of toxicity and cancer
And I bring up this topic because a viewer asked the following:
“Hello Dr. Sam – I wanted to know if you eat oatmeal. I eat a big bowl every morning and I wanted
to know if this is good or bad? I heard it’s full of vitamins, fiber and
good for lowering my cholesterol, blood sugar and weight loss. It’s also good for energy. Thus, like a perfect food. Do you agree? Thanks boss!” This is correct, improvements in cholesterol,
blood sugar, weight loss and energy levels are the primary reasons people eat oatmeal
– other than the obvious reason that they like how it tastes. The Benefits of Oats/Oatmeal
To begin, oats are grains and have lots of vitamins and minerals, so they are very nutritious. Especially when compared to other grains. They also contain a good amount of soluble
fiber and beta-glucan [glue-can], which helps with cholesterol levels. Now, it doesn’t lower blood sugar, but it
has a decent glycemic load and thus, doesn’t raise blood sugar levels that much. Certainly not like your typical breakfast
cereals. In fact, the “steel cut” oats are the
healthiest because they are minimally processed, which means higher fiber and lowest effects
on blood sugar. Even though oats are naturally gluten free,
make sure you purchase one that says it on the label. This is because during the manufacturing process,
the machines can touch other foods that do have gluten and will cross contaminate. Negatives Of Oats/Oatmeal
Now, there are some things to keep in mind. Most people do have oatmeal in the morning
for breakfast. I don’t do this and warn against it. This is because oatmeal is high in the amino
acid tryptophan, which helps produce serotonin… a chemical which can cause a calming and relaxing
effect. If fact, you take tryptophan at night to put
you to sleep. Speaking of sleep, oats also contain melatonin,
the sleep hormone. So the point is, the last thing you want to
do is eat a food for breakfast that causes a calming, relaxing, sleeping effect. Instead of eating it in the morning, eat it
in the evening to help give you a restful and deeper sleep. In the morning, have proteins, fats, vegetables
and maybe some fruit. Whole pasture raised eggs, veggies and some
blue berries for example. Great for your body and brain. Oats Can Be Toxic With Pesticides
Lastly, I want to mention something very important about oats, toxicity and pesticides. A big study showed that 100% of all the popular
brands of oats, tested positive for glyphosate [gly-foh-sate], which is an herbicide. They use this to kill plants, such as weeds. Unfortunately, glyphosate is toxic to humans
as well. In fact, it’s a carcinogen – which means
it’s cancer causing. The studies showed that oats contained on
average, 360 ppb (parts per billion). That’s twice the “allowed” benchmark
of health, which is 160 ppb. Sadly, some of the popular samples contained
up to 1000 ppb and some to have as high as 2800 ppb
So for this reason alone, I suggest you limit your intake of oats. Even when they say “organic”. Summary
So in summary Oats are fairly healthy grains, which contains
lots of vitamins, minerals and fiber. The “steel cut” oats are the healthiest
and make sure you see “gluten free” on the label. If you’re going to have oats, better to
have it in the evening instead of the morning, because it contains tryptophan and melatonin,
both of which cause you to relax and sleep Lastly, because oats tend to have glyphosates,
a cancer causing and toxic herbicide, I would limit it’s intake. And if you’d like more information about
improving your cholesterol, or blood sugar or increasing your energy levels, I’ve posted
special links below, in the description area to help you achieve your health goals, with
the least amount of effort, time and money.

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  1. Thank You for Information Dr. Now I know why I would feel drowsy after eating a bowl of oatmeal in the Morning I was beginning to feel there was Something not right after eating bowl of oatmeal Thank You Very Much Doctor God Bless You Jesus Loves You.

  2. Thanks again Doc!!!!
    Great info.
    I would like if possible to have a info video from you on the following topics.
    Bee pollen
    Rodiola helrb supplement
    Sibirian ginseng

    Thanks again so much.
    I am martial arts and parkour instructor.
    I really find all your videos so helpful and useful.

  3. Why the fuck are these companies allowed to sell the public food that causes cancer?????? What has happened to standards.

  4. Dear Sam Robbins. I was prescribed a medication which causes gynecomastia because of high prolactin levels. I only took it three times because of the way it made me feel.

    Do you have any video on how to decrease prolactin or remove gynecomastia? This is very embarrassing for me. Apparently it also causes your testosterone to drop.

  5. High Dr. Sam! Thanks again for an eye opener video! My wife has a 1 whole egg and 3 egg white omelette and 1 cup of steel cut oatmeal every morning for breakfast. She puts the oatmeal on the omelette to hide the taste of the egg yolk as she hates the yolks but knows the nutritional value of them. What would you recommend to her using on top of the omelette instead of oatmeal but better for her health and the timing of the day and similar in texture if there is such a food. Thank you!

  6. Thank you Dr. Sam, how many grams you think safe? 50g, 100g ❓ I love to add dried coconut, raisin, cinnamon and milk or yogurt with oat and it is really tasty.

  7. Tips to healthy breakfast eat 2-3 raw organic eggs I just drink em and then fry broccoli and spinach with grass fed butter helps me to feel great and recover from workout ps great for testosterone too.

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