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Health tips to prevent sunstroke and heat exhaustion – Dofody

October 31, 2019

Lok Sabha elections are here and the climate in India is hot it’s literally hot I mean both because of the political discussions and the scorching suns heat so hundreds of people have lost their lives because of heat exhaustion sunburns severe dehydration and you will be suffering from many diseases too hypertension, high blood pressure cardiac diseases, stroke diabetes and you’ll be taking medicines for all those conditions too you’ll be thinking that you can stay in their home and not go out for campaigns and cast your vote right I’m Dr Prasoon I’ll be telling you some easy to follow health tips so that you can go out for the campaigns cast your vote do your public citizen’s duty and that too without fearing all these complications that I already mentioned so let’s get started everything goes well if it has been planned you know the days of the election it has already been published mark those dates on your calendar whether you are going out for campaign or for casting your vote plan it well in advance apply for leave plan the hours in such a way that you never go out in the sun between 11 AM and 3 PM trust me on this one you will thank me later now let me tell you about heat exhaustion and heat stroke heat exhaustion happens when your body is exposed to prolonged heat what happens is that there will be profuse sweating as a result of which your body blood volume decreases blood pressure decreases you will feel light headedness, headache nausea, vomiting But the mental state of the patient is unaltered if heat exhaustion is not treated it can lead to heat stroke which is actually a much dangerous situation to deal with in heat stroke there will be the symptoms of heat exhaustion and in addition to that the mental state of the patient will be altered he will be confused he can be delirious sometimes he’ll be even unconscious and heat stoke can even lead to death Now talking about the risk factors of heat stroke elderly people and children are at much higher risk of heat stroke those who do not drink sufficient amount of water daily at higher risk persons who are suffering from diseases heart diseases and lung businesses are at higher risk persons who are taking medicines certain medicines like blood pressure lowering medicines dieuretics which are medicines that are used to flush out the fluid from your body anti-psychotics, anti-depressants are at much higher risk of heat stroke so now you know what heat exhaustion and heat stroke is so what should you do if you are suspecting symptoms of heat exhaustion and if you find that someone is going into heat stroke what should you do? first of all take the patient indoors remove his clothes if possible if they are tightly fit remove it and apply cold water on his body if ice packs are available it would be better apply cold water or ice packs in his armpits on the side of his neck and in his groin area why these areas? because large veins in our body run close to the skin surface in these areas and if we apply cold there blood will become cooled easily so in addition to that offer him water to drink if the patient’s condition is not improving in 30 minutes it would be better to take him to a hospital where he can receive emergency care now what should you do on the day when you’re actually going out whether it will be campaigning or for casting your vote. I’ll tell you certain things that you should follow first of all choose light colored lightweight and loose fitting clothes second take all of the medicines that you already taking medicines that you are taking on a daily basis do not skip the medicines unless your doctor has advised you to. don’t take the medicines together 2 doses of a medicine together just because that you forgot to take in all the dose If you have a latest prescription of all the medicines that you are taking carry it with you keep it folded in your pocket or wallet take a bottle of water and drink it as frequently as you can unless you have been diagnosed with a chronic kidney condition in which case your doctor will have set a limit on the amount of water that you can drink daily take an umbrella and make sure that you use it particularly when you’re out in the Sun between 11 AM and 3 PM and Don’t leave your children in parked vehicle out in the sun so thats it I hope you like this video if you like this video don’t forget to like comment and share if you have more doubts about heat exhaustion and heat stroke you can visit or install our app on the Google Play Store doctors are waiting there to answer your questions so until I see you in the next video it’s me Dr Prasoon signing off stay healthy BYE

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