Headache Pain Could Mean Something Worse – When to Go to the ER
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Headache Pain Could Mean Something Worse – When to Go to the ER

September 7, 2019

(compelling music) – At Capital Regional Medical
Center’s emergency department, we recognize that if
you’re having a headache or severe belly pain, that’s something that’s very concerning to you. It’s concerning to us as well. We wanna treat it as
efficiently as possible and get you feeling better. (compelling music) One of the things that we
may ask early in your care is to provide a urine sample. This is an important part of the care for both headache and belly pain, and it helps speed the process up, so the nurse may ask
you in the waiting room, they could ask you in the triage area, or any time you feel like you have to go, let your nurse know. There are some other innovative things that we’re doing to improve the efficiency of the care for patients with abdominal pain and or headache. Some of those really rely
on improving the visual cues for the ER physicians and nurses. We right now have a tracker that we use. It’s an electronic dashboard
that shows us time frames, so that we know, we have visual cues on when to reassess a patient, when diagnostic tests have been completed, and that really helps
speed up the process. (compelling music) Our goal is to get you feeling as comfortable as possible
to ensure that you’re safe, and that we make the
appropriate disposition. That means either
admission to the hospital or discharge to home. If you are discharged,
there may be a requirement for a specialist to see through your care. That specialist would be referred by the emergency department physician, and the information for that
specialist would be provided by the emergency department
nurse at your discharge. They would give you printed information and verbal instructions that would help guide your path after you
leave the emergency department. (compelling music)

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