Headache Hacks with Dr. Ryan Braveman
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Headache Hacks with Dr. Ryan Braveman

November 3, 2019

[Music] there are many different types of headaches and most of us get them at one point or another in our lives that’s right so that’s why we have dr. Ryan Braverman with us he’s a headache expert and he is here with some headache hacks thank you so much for coming on it’s so great to be here with you guys so you you have a book out called headache the headache hack yes tell us a little bit about the book purpose of the book came out roughly six weeks ago we’ve had great feedback about the book because really two reasons why number one it’s so easy to read you can literally pick up the book today start to implement these headache hacks one by one and literally start to watch your headaches going and number two I need to be reviewers that are watching this morning we’re giving the book away because this has been a heart project for me because someone helped me so wanna help other people medics when I was a little boy I used to suffer from chronic debilitating headaches when I would get these headaches I would literally have to spend one to two days in a dark room away from my family away from my friends and my parents did what any good parents would do they brought me to the doctor and they kept giving me this pill or tried that pill and stronger and stronger but it never really got to the cause of my issue so thankfully for me I was introduced to a doctor later on my teenage years the educating me on the cause of my problem not just the symptom and fix the cause of the problem not just the symptom so let’s talk about a couple of things that people can do sure that are in your book we can only get to a couple sure so I’ll list the five headache hacks then we’ll go into a few so number one is hydration water is so important in 75% of us especially in the summer are actually dehydrated and 90% of our Bloods made up of water 83% of our brain so we become dehydrated everything becomes tight those nerves have pressure on them and it causes headaches number two is posture so many people are sitting behind a substrate because people are sitting behind computers but now more so than ever people are looking at cell phones right so when everything gets very tight and especially the backs of the neck those nerves get irritated and it’s a huge headache generator the number one most important thing we won’t have time for the rest is spinal alignment and spinal correction okay so we this is a reverse right that’s reversed yes so when I was first in practice over ten years ago we saw this right here when people had car accidents slips and falls sports injuries but now I said with the use of all this technology we’re seeing that more and more younger and younger and it’s becoming a real problem text it’s an actual thing it’s a medical condition yes okay so we just need to sit up straighter and is that that’s a great point so initially yes you always want to make sure your posture is good but here’s the thing if you already have a reverse curve if the damage is already there then just simply sitting up straight it’s not going to correct the problem the most important thing we can do is find a trusted doctor or respected doctor that practices structural correction meet with them they’re going to take pictures of your neck if that’s the cause of your headache then they’ll start to put things in motion to actually help you with the cause of the problem not just the symptom okay so let’s talk about your book how can our viewers get it perfect so you can go to WWE to calm super simple to headache act calm put in your information and we will get you that book and we’ll also help you find a doctor in your area if if you know that’s what you need absolutely

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