Headache ayurvedic treatment sri lanka (hisaradayata) -migraine Dr Ranpatha Ruwan Rathnayaka

September 21, 2019

Headache is one of the most common disorder in our current society Actually speaking it is a Symptom rather than a disorder As Ayurvedic doctors , when someone visits us to take medicine for Headache we look at the other diseases /illnesses that person is suffering which can cause Headache which helps us to identify the root cause Gastritis /Severe Constipation condition / catarrh can cause Headache Most Patients who visited our place , have asked us to give them some oil treatment for the Headache but we need to identify the root cause and do the treatment correctly if someone has Severe Constipation condition which is causing Headache (as a symptom) , we have to do the treatment for the Constipation condition not the Headache , Headache will go away once the Constipation condition is treated and cured else if the Headache is caused by some other disease /illnesses we need to identify the root cause and do the treatment accordingly Headache can be cured completely using Ayurveda treatments

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