HBP 001- High Blood Pressure Prevention and Treatment intro
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HBP 001- High Blood Pressure Prevention and Treatment intro

August 30, 2019

Hello and welcome to our discussion today
on high blood pressure prevention and treatment. This is Phung Tran from the Prevention and
Treatment Health Support network or clicking pthealthsupportnetwork.com
How do you prevent and treat High Blood Pressure? Let’s pretend all the problems relate to
High Blood pressure. If a bunch of chopsticks and each of the chopsticks represent one problem
related to high blood pressure, and in order for me to get rid of my high blood pressure,
I have to somehow be able to break this whole bunch of chopsticks enough. As you can see,
it is impossible for me to try and break the whole bunch at once. How do you break something
when it looks like its unbreakable? Or how do you fix something like High Blood pressure
when it looks like its unfixable? With the bunch of chopsticks, I cannot break the whole
bunch at once. But If I split the problem out into smaller problem, if I split the chopsticks
into individual chopsticks, I can break them one by one and eventually I will be able to
break the whole bunch of chopsticks in an hour. Can we do the same with high blood pressure?
Let’s try and do that. Let’s say, I split the problems of High Blood
pressure into four smaller groups and I put it into a summary and I call it “The High
Blood Pressure Chopstick summary”. The first group of problem, I will call it ” The causes
of high blood Pressure”. This will include anything that cause high blood pressure or
make it worse. The second group of problem I will call it
“The damages related to high blood pressure”. So, this will include any physical damages
that happen to your body as result of high blood pressure.
The third group of problems, I will call it “Signs and Symptoms of high blood pressure”.
So, this will include anything that you are experiencing or any difficulties that you
might have as a result of high blood pressure. The fourth group of problems, I will call
it,” The Consequences of high Blood pressure”. So, this one is a little bit of forward thinking.
What would happen to you if your high blood pressure is not managed or not treated properly?
Then the consequences will not be good. So, to explain how I have evaluated the problem
into these four smaller groups let me use a simple example. Now let’s say for some reason,
I would like to play with a knife. I want to test with that to see how sharp my finger
is? And somehow, I managed to cut my finger. O.k., I will have a big cut on my finger.
So, what is the cause of this problem? Is that the cut on my finger or is it because
I played with a knife? It is very important to distinguish between the cause and the damage.
When you are treating the cause you are working on the cure. So, if the cause is “playing
with the knife” and I stop playing with the knife then within the few weeks, the cut on
the finger heals and I am cured. So, the damage would be “the cut on my finger” and it is
also very important to treat the damage but when you treat the damage, you are not working
on the cure. You are only slowing down the progression of the disease. So, to treat the
cut on the finger I will put a bandage on, I would …so, prevent my finger from getting
infected and allow healing quicker. Signs and symptoms of this problem would be
pain and the loss of hand function that I have found heavy the cut on my finger. When
I treat the signs and symptoms, it does not cure the problem; it does not slow down the
progression of the disease. But it’s important to minimize the pain and discomfort that I
will have from the cut finger and allow me to get on with my life.
Consequences: What if I don’t stop playing with a knife?
Sooner or later, I will have more cuts and I will have more damages and it will be more
painful and I might lose my ability to use my hand at work and I might lose income from
my silly habit. What about high blood pressure? Now, high
blood pressure is a lot more complicated than a simple cut in the finger and I will have
a lot more worse consequences compared to just a cut on the finger. Before we start
on high blood pressure, for you to get the most out of the discussion today, I would
recommend that you get some pen and paper handy, write down the chop stick summary,
divide the page into four columns: Causes, Damages, Signs & Symptoms and Consequences.
When you have done that, come back and we will start the discussion.

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