Having Diabetes and High Blood Pressure- What Can You Do❓❓❓
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Having Diabetes and High Blood Pressure- What Can You Do❓❓❓

September 2, 2019

my head someone asked me they have
diabetes and high blood pressure and they was asking me and I think I
answered this in another video from a while ago but I have no problem with the
answering it again what type of a regiment do I think in my opinion and
I’m going to say this and keep saying this I’m not a doctor or nutritionist
but in my opinion if you’re suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure
basically you’re sick but it’s not something that can’t be fixed it’s not
like a sickness that can’t be fixed I think that when people are dealing with
these sickness these illnesses the best way to even if you’re not gonna stay on
this is to do a raw raw lifestyle raw fruits and vegetables no cook foods
incorporating juicing and you know when you do have solid meals raw meals
because when you’re sick it’s a proven fact that when you’re
doing all natural thing you’re not trying to do conventional medicine the
only thing that heals the body on a cellular level is raw eating and you
know some people only stick to it like myself until they heal I’m still on a
healing journey so I still eat I’ll say about 80% raw and 20% cooked and you
know proteins and all that other stuff but the best way to heal the body and
cleanse out the detoxification and get your your pressure you know your high
blood pressure and your diabetes back under control is through a raw regimen a
raw diet I have a person who I was juicing with his name is MB trucka 68 he
has a YouTube channel he had diabetes and he was on two types
of medications for his diabetes I’m not recommending that you do this but he
stopped taking his medication and went on a juice fast and then like 60 days he
was completely off the medication when he went back to get his checkup his
doctor was puzzled shocked and he said all he could say to him is whatever
you’re doing keep it up and I talked to him on a regular basis and he’s still
diabetes free he doesn’t have any more diabetes because he stopped eating all
the processed foods and did a 60-day juice cleanse which he’s currently off
and on still juicing so he can maintain you know being free of diabetes and he’s
diabetes diabetes free and it’s all from juicing and it’s all found a raw diet or
raw regimen whatever you know you feel comfortable hearing somebody say some
people don’t like calling the diet I don’t consider it a diet I call it a way
of life away eating a regiment your regiment but if you want to heal detox
the body raw is the only way to go in order to fix that issue with high blood
pressure and diabetes in my opinion I would do a juice cleanse and when you
refeed it should be refeeding off all raw produce so don’t want to make this
video too long just want it to give you my suggestions please subscribe to the
channel like and share this video I’m making a favorite and I’ll see you guys
in the next video bye for now

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