Guided Meditation for Stress Relief | Grounding | Belonging | Connection
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Guided Meditation for Stress Relief | Grounding | Belonging | Connection

December 4, 2019

Let in some fresh air into your room or go
outside for this one if the weather is pleasant. Sit down or lay back. Allow for the body to feel unrestricted by
clothing or anything else. After you find yourself in a comfortable position,
gently close your eyes and place your attention onto your breath. Watch the gentle and smooth stream of oxygen
coming in and coming out of your nose, your throat, your chest and your belly. As you focus on your gentle breathing, notice
how your body automatically and willing relaxes when you place your awareness on the breath;
with each breath there’s a sense of letting go in all parts of your body, especially in
your neck, shoulders, your arms and your belly. With the next gentle inhale, consciously direct
your breath and let the oxygen travel into your lower back. Exhale and intentionally relax all your back
muscles. Let your belly to also relax and drop; let
it become very soft and free of tension. Inhale and exhale the same way again and send
the relaxing wave of oxygen into your legs and feet. On the next exhale let your legs and your
feet to drop heavy and to become tension free. If focusing on your breathing creates tension
in your face, please make your face soft and give up any squinting and strain across the
eyes, your temples, forehead and your jaw. Now make a request for your mind to just leave
any judgment, any expectation and any negative thoughts behind, at least for the next little
while. Request for the mind to be gentle and open. And let my voice be like a cozy blanket for
your mind. Let the space in between your eyebrows relax. Let your face be open, spacious and a little
bit happy, open for possibilities. Now focus on your chest and bring the same
gentle breathing into your chest. Let the oxygen reach your loving heart. Allow for the heart to become unguarded and
open at least for a little while. Picture the air gently entering your heart
space, delivering tranquility and stillness. And on the exhale feel the air gently departing
your heart space leaving you even more at peace and soft across your whole chest. Finally soften the space in your beautiful
head, let it be light, curious and expansive. Now picture yourself standing, on a green
and soft grassy trail in the middle of a colourful meadow, covered in lusciously green grass,
beautiful flowers with gorgeous aroma and sunlight bouncing off the green leaves all
around you. You are standing barefoot with your feet connected
to the Earth; you feel its gentle touch. It’s a beautiful, sunny, warm day with a blue
sky and a few white fluffy clouds moving very slowly above you. You are dressed in light and lose clothing
that is very pleasant to touch and gentle on your skin; there is a light warm breeze
coming in through your clothing and the breeze is gently caressing your skin. The surroundings, the sensations, and the
smell. it all reminds you of something; perhaps a
time in the past? Maybe a carefree time in your life when you
were feeling as lovely as you are feeling right now? Bring this happy memory of the feeling of
it into your present moment and let yourself enjoy it. You can look back as far as you want. Now visualise back onto the beautiful green
path and look forward; you notice a small hill covered by a few green and luscious trees
with blossoms on them and the soft grassy path is leading you right up there. Begin to see yourself walking with your bare
feet through path, stepping onto the healthy and green grass, your arms are relaxed, swaying
gently and occasionally lightly touching the blades of the tall grass. Upon your touch it makes a quiet sound. This sound blends into all of the other sounds
you hear around you, the gentle wind in the grass, the bird flying and singing in the
distance, the soft sound of your steps, and the sound of your beating loving heart; you
are walking, feeling curious and alive in the middle of this natural beauty that is
your own and present within you. Your breath is still gentle and smooth like velvet. Your body is open and relaxed. Your mind is calm and curious. Keep stepping and moving with your bare feet
on the path until you find yourself reaching the hill you were seeing earlier. You observe and notice that just beneath one
of the trees in the middle on the top of this hill, under a perfect shade there is a perfect
spot to sit down enjoy and experience this idyllic serenity that surrounds you. Visualise yourself coming up the hill while
you admire the beautiful luscious green trees and their tops covered in pink blossoms. You begin to take in the beauty of these gentle
giants swaying in the light wind, you watch pink petals falling and floating and then
gently landing on the grass beneath the trees, creating this beautiful space of colours. Take a few round of conscious inhale and exhale. Watch and let your breath travel like a wave
through and across all the parts of your body, so easily, so effortlessly. Let your organs, all muscles and all tissue
soften across your whole being. Let your body be calm and let your mind stay
tranquil. Now see yourself reach your way under the
luscious tree. Turn around and take a seat on the soft grass
and lean with your back onto the tree. As you turn around a stunning panoramic view
opens up right in front of you. The openness and vastness of the meadow is
impossible to take in all at once, the plethora of colors pleasantly overwhelms your eyes,
the sight of the beauty makes you take in a deeper breath and appreciation for life
ripples up and down your whole body. The wind picks up slightly and moves the trees,
you inhale the fresh oxygen, you relax and hear the words blown and through the trees:
Relax Let go You are safe You are exactly where you need to be Relax Let go You are
safe You are exactly where you need to be Keep breathing and keep letting go further
and keep opening your mind and stretching yourself energetically, expanding like a puddle,
growing bigger. Expanding for new possibilities, new sensations
within you, new happy life filled experiences, no matter how big or how small, joy is measured
by one and same value – a feeling. On your next exhale you relax even more, you
let go of any tension in your body and lean into the tree with a strong feeling of trust
to only receive its full support. You can feel the bark touching your skin through
the light clothing; you feel the connection with this ancient and stunning giant rooted
deep down into the Earth. Perhaps a memory of when you felt this way
before comes over you, a memory when you felt fully supported by someone. As you sink deeper into the grassy seat, you gaze
at the soft pink petals from the blooming tree falling on top of your body, caressing
your skin as the petals land on your palms. The touch of light petals on your skin creates
a tingling sensation that makes your whole body pleasantly relaxed and ever more expansive. You visualise yourself looking around again
and you notice that through the rays of sun, in the far distance you can see peeks of mountains,
standing solid and tall, adding depth, dimension and colour to this virtual painting you are
admiring. Far away to your left you can see the blue
ocean and its white shores, an ocean full of life, wonder, beauty and mystery. Take another deep breath and inhale with contentment
for your world you live in. Exhale and turn the corners of your lips upwards
slightly. Notice the sensory reaction that comes across
your body just from this small action and the sense of openness and possibility that
arrives inside of you with this one simple action. The wind gently blows towards, you bringing
fresh oxygen, inhale and exhale, this full of life force oxygen, relax and revitalize
your body and hear the words blown from the mountains and the ocean:
Relax Let go You are safe You are exactly where you need to be Relax Let go You are
safe You are exactly where you need to be The ground beneath you, the grass gently touching
your body and the tree supporting you from behind feels like a loving embrace from Mother
Nature. With your closed eyes, visualize the roots
from the tree reaching down deep into the Earth. The roots are solidly grown into the Earth,
fully supported to flourish in this life. Now visualize a golden cord in the middle
of your head, going down through center of your heart, down your spine, into your legs
and feet and from your feet into the center of the Earth and this golden cord plugged
in the same way as all of the other trees and life on this Planet. Fully supported, loved and grounded. Feel the energy of powerful life force, vitality
and wellbeing being sent from the center, the heart of the Earth through the golden
cord into your being into your feet, your legs, your hips, your chest, into your heart,
your arms and your whole head and face. Enjoy the tingling sensation in your body,
feel all your cells being rejuvenated, feel any emotional blocks melting away as the life
force energy travels through your whole body. Take a breath and visualize smelling the falling
blossoms and hearing the soft sounds of the swaying trees, feel the variety of life in
front of you, exhale with the strong feeling of being part of this whole world, exhale
with the strong sense of absolute belonging. You intuitively know that if you it would
be possible, if you had the x-ray vision you could see how much life there is in each plant
cell, the mountains, the ocean and in your own body, how much function and intelligence
exists in each yet all of this beautifully complex unseen world is functioning in complete
silence and peace. And that is the dominant vibration of this
world; complete wellbeing and peace. Take a few more conscious and soothing breaths. Keep enjoying and pleasing yourself by escaping
it all and surrounding yourself with a sense of peace. Within you, in this moment by looking within
and around you, you feel, you know and see that everything in this world has its own
place; even the seasons, changes that we all experience – physical and emotional. But everyone and especially you, you have
your will, your power of choice, in how you want to feel in each moment. Feel the joy and ease that resides within
you right now. Your life is like a gift that you can unwrap
in every moment you choose, just like you did today and can fill yourself with the feelings
of relaxation and appreciation. Make a conscious daily choice to travel within
and observe the outside and to surround yourself with these kinds of feelings a lot more often. Just imagine how much can your life improve
and blossom when you live with feelings of trust, joy and simple happiness.

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