Guava Leaves Benefits: 6 Health Benefits, From Treating Diarrhea To Cancer | Natural Treatment

September 9, 2019

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video on six health benefits of guava leaves leaves from treating diarrhea to cancer
beliefs of the guava tree are packed with antibacterials anti-inflammatory
agents antioxidants and even tannins which can have substantial health
benefits from treating stomach problems to chronic diseases such as cancer
exactly like the famous tropical fruit can be made into jams beverages and
other foods its leaves can also for example they may be brewed to make a tea
which releases helpful content such as vitamin C and flavonoids like course
attend scientific research have reported the healthy qualities of the super
fruits leaves you can also observe with the found for various health problems
below diarrhea consuming guava leaf tea consuming its extract as a capsule or
even adding a couple of drops of the essential oil to a mug of hot water may
help loosen the bowels to cure diarrhea obesity although guava is rich in fiber
and has a low glycemic index which makes it a helpful supplement for lost weight
while the leaves and their extract can even help they do this by restraining
complex starches from converting into sugars generally the sugar is
metabolized by the liver in which it gets turned into fat thereafter secreted
into the blood this is what contributes to gain weight
diabetes the high-fiber substance in guava leaves will help control diabetes by
reducing sugar absorption in the blood however guava leaves extract can avoid
type-2 diabetes from developing in accordance with the 2010 research
published in the journal nutrition and metabolism high cholesterol consistently
consuming guava leaf per month may help lowering LDL bad cholesterol and
triglycerides with no side effects in accordance with the aforementioned 2010
research from nutrition and metabolism consuming the
fruit also can give the same benefits like while the leaves since it only has
0.1 grams of saturated fat and 0.2 grams of unsaturated fat as outlined by the
USDA with such low levels of this fat it’s no surprise guava helps to reduce
cholesterol gastric cancer while the leaves extract is really so powerful
that it has the potential to deal with patients with gastric stomach cancer
it’s anti cancer and anti-tumor properties result from compounds like
porcelain lycopene and vitamin C which perform as antioxidants to neutralize
free radical damage in the body making use of guava in its essential oil form
may also generate anti-cancer activity in human body prostate cancer while the
Leafs high lycopene material is crucial to fighting cancers like breast prostate
and whorl it’s cancer fighting properties helped reduce the production
of androgen that is the male hormone liable for the growth of cells in
certain types of prostate cancer in accordance with the 2012 research
released in the journal Cancer Prevention Research quaver full of
vitamin A C lycopene and antioxidants is useful fir avoidance of prostate and
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