Graston Technique for Tension and Migraine Headaches

November 4, 2019

We’ve been talking about Graston and scar
tissue with headaches. Many people end up with trigger point referrals coming right
out of the levator rhomboid muscles, so just off that shoulder blade. If you’ve ever felt
someone push on that knot and feel the pain shoot, that’s a trigger point. Many times
we can get trigger points that lead to headaches. So if you’re leaning forward at the computer
and you feel that neck and upper back pain increasing, always starting at the same spot
and going forward, you probably have a trigger point that’s being involved. If we can get rid of that trigger point, get
rid of that scar tissue, your headaches will decrease. So we’re applying cocoa butter to
the area, we’re taking the Graston tools and sliding along, what I feel is a big knot.
Many times you’ll feel that knot as it just pops over the top of it. You’ll feel that
pain start to radiate up towards that head, that same pattern that you feel when your
headaches are developing. With Graston, we’re going to be comfortably
tolerable. We say on scale 0-10 it keeps at three or four. We’re not trying to hurt you.
We’re just trying to work the knot the best we can. After treatment, we’re going to combine this
with exercises and stretches to break up more of that scar tissue. We’re going to work on
strengthening all the other muscles to take the stress and strain off that sore spot.
We’re going to use ice to decrease the inflammation. We’ll have the ice several more times tonight.
Many times we’ll end up using cold laser and we’ll combine this with massage therapy treatments
for any head, neck, upper back problem. Combining all these treatments together get people better

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