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Girls Bully Friend Into Eating Disorder | What Would You Do? | WWYD

August 20, 2019

This is for you – thank you – burger- thanks And salad for you – thank you How do you guys eat like that and still stay so skinny? *laughs* You’re kidding, right? You can eat whatever you want, if you
just throw it up afterwards You guys do that? That’s like totally
unhealthy… Like being overweight isn’t? Trust us it’s fine and you should start
doing it too Yeah you better Unless you like getting fat. You’re out to eat when you see a teenage girl being pressured by her friends to binge and purge. Do you step in to warn her about the dangers? Or do you step away and let the girl handle this “weighty” issue on her own? What would you do? C’mon we wouldn’t hurt you What goes down must come up I really don’t know about this guys… We’re grabbing a bite at the Eldorado Diner in Tarrytown, New York. Maria and Lenique are trying to force
their friend Rachel to binge and purge. How will people react? The day starts with this man. He overhears the pressure the girls are putting on Rachel. You do and it makes you
feel happy. But all you do is just eat and throw up and then you’re fine. Do you know how many people do it? Do you not trust us? Of course I trust you guys, it just seems like a big deal. It’s a big deal to be fat and that’s gross. Josh mentioned that he saw a little bit
of your stomach. When he can’t listen anymore, he approaches the table. How are you guys doing today? Good, how are you? My name’s Jordan Do you guys mind if I sit down for one second? girls: No, It’s okay I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation, and it’s not really my business, but I just want to let you guys know that I think you guys are all really pretty girls, okay? And the binging and purging…so… I’m a professional basketball coach, and I have a master’s degree in nutrition, and that’s a really unhealthy thing for you guys to do at your age because you’re really welcome to do whatever you would like to do… — This guy is great — But I just felt like I had to let you know that that’s a really dangerous behavior. Also, if, um, you know if you guys are dating boys that are putting that kind of pressure on you, I think you guys can do better than that. I’m sorry for interrupting your guys’ breakfast… We interrupt the conversation so we can talk to him. A lot of these young girls try to take the easy way out. They want it now, so when you hear these
girls say there’s nothing wrong with it, yeah for me it was really concerning I
mean I’m married I have a daughter and I’ve got sisters and so to just hear
these girls talking about that kind of stuff really kind of concerned me and I
felt terrible coming and interrupting their conversation but I just felt like I had
to say something. Join us, or be fat. Your choice. This group says something once Rachel is
alone at the table. Don’t worry. Thank you. Don’t listen to them. It’s not real friends that’ll treat you that way. They said they’re not going to be my
friend anymore unless i do it. No, you have a good head. Don’t do it. Don’t do it. It’s gonna make you ill. That’s ill. That’s sick. Guys don’t want girls who do that, anyway. You’re a beautiful girl. Thank you. Don’t fall for peer pressure. Yeah peer pressure is no good. Thank you. I have two daughters that are in their 30’s now. They never did it. They’re coming back I don’t know what to do. Don’t worry about it. You ready? What are you doing? Let’s do it. It’s your turn. Wait why did you go sit there? Because they were just talking to me. We asked her to come over to talk to us. We’re just trying to help her… we want her to look better like us. What, you think you look good? Who said that? *laughs* All the other guys at school… Good. Doesn’t make you look good. Okay, Rach, c’mon She has her own head. Let’s go, girl Leave her alone. She needs to lose weight! She will lose it the way she wants to, not the way you want her to! Rachel, come on. We talked to the trio. Oh, this is great! I love this I know this show! You did very well! What would you say to them? I would say that your internal confidence, that’s what matters. There is a million guys out there. If
she’s confident inside of her, She will find the right one. I have two young daughters myself, you know, so i just want to make sure that they’re on the right path,
and we understand how peer pressure is so prevalent. This final couple is listening in. Whatever. Honestly, be fat then. Maria and Lenique leave once again. After a few moment pass, we tell Rachel to join them. That’s when Loretta and Nick Gaspari get involved. *mouths* Don’t do it. *mouths*I don’t know what to do. They’re not normal. Those kids are not normal. Don’t do it. Rachel: They said that they’re helping… Loretta:I know they’re your friends, but that’s pretty disgusting what they’re doing. I mean, and then to make an announcement? That’s pretty sick. Don’t get involved with something like that. You don’t need them for friends because they’re really screwed up. Rachel: They said they won’t hang out with me unless I do it with them. Well, screw them! All you’re gonna do is get yourself hurt. It’s not good for you, honey. Well they said I need to do it. You’re a pretty young girl, and you look like you’re very healthy. So take care of yourself. Okay but they’re waiting for me. Let them wait. What are they gonna do? I mean, they’re sick. There’s something wrong with them. They’re mentally disturbed. Why didn’t you come? We were waiting for you… Are you ready? Why don’t you leave her alone? Let her make her own decisions. I mean what’s wrong with you girls? It’s not good for you, honey. It’s not. You’re gonna wind up hurting yourself. Alright. Let’s go. Loretta: So you’re gonna bring her to the bathroom? Wait! What’s wrong with you? You’re gonna hurt her. We’re not hurting her, she’s our friend. You spend a fortune on food, and then you go throw it up? Come on, get outta here. It’s none of your business. Don’t be a smart ass, little lady. Yeah, look at you! Look at what you’re doing to your friend, you’ve got her crying. We have to talk to these “new friends” and advocates for Rachel. Wow, you were upset. Yes, I was! Nick: She was good! Loretta: Because I know people that have done that.That is horrible. That is so horrible. You know people who have done this? Young girls? Yes, as a matter of fact, my daughter. I mean I had…when they were teenagers one of them, but then they were fine. You know, after that, so, I mean so I know what it’s like. But you don’t know that young girl… No, no, I don’t know her. So why get involved? I just couldn’t help it. It bothered me. Those kids got me mad! You gotta do the right thing. It gets…you know, she’s a young kid. You just can’t leave her…you know, God knows where they could go with this. I know. You know, it it drugs next time? Peer pressure’s tough.

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  1. I would say to those two girls is that food you ordered is important to you and you just waste it afterwards

    Edit: sorry for bad English

  2. "There are millions of guys out there if she's confident inside of her she'll find the right one"

    Just Wow💕🙏🔥

  3. "She has to look good like us"
    "Who said that you look good.

    "Guys on school"
    "Well that doesn't make you look good.

    Well my friend you decide how I look

  4. My friend: “ You’re so pretty what is your secret”
    Me: “ Can I tell you something that you can’t tell anyone else?”
    My friend: “ Oh of course you can I’m here for you.”
    Me: * leans into her ear *
    Me: “Water.”

  5. they should do this with a boyfriend and girl friend doing the exact same thing. like if ya'll agree with me!!!!!
    Edit: thanks for the 10 likes already. again, thanks

  6. I'm not saying that if you do that eating then vomiting bad but isn't regurgitating your food every time you eat it like very bad for your digestive system cuz I can't get the protein and when you throw up you throw up the food that was giving you protein so your body can't fully function it's very unhealthy you're saying she's unhealthy well throwing up is very unhealthy when you're doing it on purpose

  7. I never knew I was a bully in school because teachers would never stop me from making fun of the fat people, and yes, they would laugh too. Yeah, I can say I was very funny but It all came crashing down when a girl I made fun of just came up to me and told me how I made her feel everyday. The shadowing question has haunted me and made me a better person "Would I rather be loved or hated by everyone?"

  8. oh my gad i love the first guy, he was so respectful very calm sharing his wisdom and very careful not to interrupt the conversation

  9. i watched all wwyd videos in the past. I just come back here every now and then if something bad happens and im ready to give up my faith in humanity

  10. Just FYI purging is not easy- it’s not the “easy way out” and it’s probably not the only thing one does when they have these types of issues.

  11. Also, it’s a disorder that can affect people of various ages and I think it would be great to see how the adults react to a similar situation with other adults.

  12. Lol tf why would u wanna be skinny tf skinny people have no ass and boys really aint gonna want chu like bitch she is thick she ain't even fat honestly

  13. Does nobody realize that the friends also need help? Like they are the ones who are actually doing the purging and need help too?

  14. Binging and purging or even having an eating disorder might be viewed as ''The easy way out'' but it really is the exact opposite

  15. i always think .. what happens to the people who didn’t react in the back ? Do they wait til they leave to start again or just tell them to keep it secret ?

  16. I don’t understand why none of the people who stepped in explained that you can die, loose all of your teeth. It literally is so dangerous and I would have made sure they left terrified of what they were trying to make her do

  17. I just wished they’d be concerned for all he girls, all of them are taking part in the disorder it’s a terrible experience

  18. I’m not one to say this because I’m not a professional actress but their acting could’ve been more realistic…especially the girl being bullied

  19. I feel like a lot of this people even tho they had good intentions they didn’t see that the other girls were also in a huge problem and hurting themselves as well and weren’t really the bad guys per say but rather victims of a serious eating disorder which affects your mind set (I should know I went through it for seven years). I think the first guy was honestly THE example to follow cause he also tried to help the other girls who were supposed to be making themselves throw up which is bulimia an eating disorder.

  20. Awww that first guy obviously felt so awkward talking about that with the girls but he still did that. Faith in humanity restored

  21. The girls:"We just want her to look better like us" Lady: "You think you look good? Who said that" oml SHADE THROWN💀 🍵

  22. Me: *literally eats the whole McDonald's menu twice* nothing happens
    My friend: *sniffs food* becomes thicker than a snicker

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