Ginger in diabetes
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Ginger in diabetes

November 17, 2019

Hey Dr. Joe Feuerstein with the MD
minute. Thanks for tuning in. Today I want to talk about a study on the well known
herb, ginger. This is something that’s been used for medicinal purposes in both
ayurvedic which is Indian and Asian Chinese medicine for thousands of years
and is seen to be a potent anti-inflammatory herb. This
randomized placebo-controlled trial, a really good quality trial, in the same
vein as you would test drugs. This one published in the International Journal
of Food Science Nutrition at the end of last year, looked at ginger in patients
with diabetes. What they did is they took 63 people with diabetes, they were
overweight or obese, and they did not have well controlled diabetes. Their
blood sugar levels were high, their hemoglobin A1Cs were between 7 and 10,
which indicates not good blood control. What they did was they gave them for
12 weeks, 1600 milligrams of ginger taken 800 milligrams after lunch and 800
milligrams after dinner. They gave them that for 33 of the people and for
30 they gave them a sugar pill, not really sugar though, obviously a placebo
pill, with nothing in it. What they found at the end of 12 weeks, was that
the blood sugar was reduced by 9 points but more remarkably that A1C, that
average drop in blood sugar, over 3 months was reduced by an entire 1%. That
is levels you would see, ladies and gentlemen, in someone taking a
prescription drug for diabetes. They also showed significant reductions in
inflammation. One of the things we think is that diabetes may also be
connected to inflammation and so reducing inflammation may be important. So my take on this is that ginger is an incredible herb and something to
certainly look at, not just for inflammation but potentially for the
treatment of diabetes. Dr. Joe Feuerstien with the MD minute. Thanks for
tuning in.

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