Getting A Handle On Hypertension
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Getting A Handle On Hypertension

September 7, 2019

If a condition causes no visible symptoms,
it can seem easy enough to ignore it. But experts stress that out of sight, out of mind
could spell trouble when it comes to high blood pressure. I’m Lindsay Liepman and this
is a health feature. Chronic high blood pressure, or hypertension,
often causes no symptoms but can lead to serious issues like stroke and heart attack. Dr. David
Winter, president, chief clinical officer and chairman of the board of HealthTexas Provider
Network, a division of Baylor Health Care System, expands on the condition. “Hypertension is a disease caused from high
blood pressure and high blood pressure just means the pressure in your arteries is higher
than normal. Now most folks with high blood pressure don’t have any symptoms. But it’s
still bad to have that. Think of this: your heart pumps, your blood vessels dilate and
contract – if there’s lots of pressure, they dilate and contract more so which can put
stress and strain on the vessels and they can eventually wear out, burst or develop
blockages” Because of this, detecting hypertension, which
can often be a genetic condition, can be important to good health. And according to Dr. Winter,
there are many good medications for treating hypertension today. With multiple options
on the market, most people can find the right fit for managing their blood pressure without
side effects. Some common types of high blood pressure medication are diuretics and beta-blockers. But what about non-medication approaches?
Dr. Winter has a few suggestions. “Certainly, there’s a genetic tendency so
if your genetically determined to get high blood pressure you may get it no matter what
you do. But if your prone to get that, if it’s in your family, reducing salt, keeping
your body weight ideal and exercising regularly can lower that. Some people also think that
smoking can increase the rate of high blood pressure. So you can lower your chances of
getting that” ​So speak with your doctor today about checking
your blood pressure and how to improve your overall health to best avoid the condition.

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