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Exercises For Headaches

September 10, 2019

so these exercises are really simple and
if you’re just watching you might think that I’m not going to be effective but
if you actually try them you’ll find almost an immediate release of the
tension in your neck so start with your shot your feet shoulder-width apart
that’s it tuck your tailbone under draw your tummy in roll the shoulder blades
back draw your chin in lengthen through the back of the next you get a nice
relaxed posture okay just roll the shoulders forward up towards your ears
all the way back squeeze those shoulder blades together and down and one more
time well forward up towards the ears roll backwards and down okay take a deep
breath in and squeeze the shoulders up towards is squeeze squeeze squeeze
squeeze squeeze and release and again deep breath in squeeze squeeze squeeze
record this a honey monster aah release that’s lovely just shake it out shake
those shoulders out okay take your left arm take it across your body take hold
of it with the opposite arm and I want you to draw it across to your right
opening up through the scapula open up the scheduler there that’s it hold
continue to breathe feel those muscles at the back of your shoulders just
gently releasing and back to front and the other side right arm across the left
hook it around with the opposite arm and open up your hips stay facing forward
don’t do this you don’t you’re not trying to stretch your back you’re just
trying to open up the back of the scapula stretch out those rhomboids and
start getting to that big trapezius muscle lovely at least you can do that
as many times as you want all of these paratore stretches you can do whenever
you like okay so bring your hands onto your hips and I want you just to relax
your shoulders make sure while you’re doing these exercises your shoulders
never come up to your ears you must keep your shoulders relaxed okay deep breath
in draw the chin in lengthen through the back of the neck relax the shoulders
tuck your tailbone under as you exhale or you just to turn the head to the left
as far as you can until you can feel a lovely stretch to the next muscles there
relax the shoulders inhale forward exhale to the opposite side on the
exhalation just allow your muscles to relax inhale forward exhale across
through the other way inhale forward I know it feels like it’s not working but
it will stick with me exhale to the other side one of the most important
things that we’re doing here starting to switch your brain into relaxation mode
okay breathe in lengthen the back of the neck exhale just drop your head towards
the shoulder now don’t draw your shoulder up towards your ear drop the
shoulder just imagine your head like a ball of fluid imagine it’s a big rugby
ball full of fluid just let the weight of gravity drag your head down towards
your shoulder now what you should feel here is a stretch from the base of your
ear down to the tip of your shoulder what we’re going to do now is just
increase that stretch I want you to push that right shot that right elbow down
towards the floor just an inch you’ll feel it doubles the stretch on that
muscle lovely okay contract your dominoes and raise the head release okay
breathe in lengthen exhale drop the head to the opposite shoulder just let the
weight of gravity drag that head down relax the shoulder relax your right
shoulder and when you feel that muscle start to relax on your left shoulder
just push that left elbow down towards the floor so the elbow opposite to the
direction that you’re dropping your head that’s it breathe normally breathe
normally contract the abdominals and raise up okay you can take that a little
bit further now lengthen again draw the chin in inhale exhale we’re going to
drop the head down don’t draw the shoulder up drop the shoulder down head
drops down don’t push the head don’t push the shoulder everything is just let
gravity do its job now I want you to release this hand and extend these
fingers down towards the floor that right hand extends you should feel that
stretch now even through the front of the neck you’ve got tight muscles there
to let that stretch go right down to here if you’ve got very tight muscles
you can feel this is far down as your wrist that’s lovely and rest they’re
just really extend breathe normally and let those muscles relax you should fill
your head as she dropped closer towards your shoulder don’t push it you just let
gravity pull it down that’s it can track the abdominals and raising up let your
abdominals raise your head breathe in and breathe out drop that head down
towards the right side when you feel that muscle release this muscle here
release that hand down and extend those fingers down towards the floor push down
just an inch that’s it everything relaxed relax relax you mustn’t do any
of this with any tension we’re trying to break the tension in the muscles in your
neck and at the base of your skull so push down that’s it lovely doesn’t that
feel good contract the abdominals and raise up okay wait wait to do now is
just to take your head to 45 degree angle and drop your head forward you
should feel that stretch now go to the base to the back of the right-hand side
of the neck and we’re going to increase that stretch now so take that right hand
and extend it down towards the floor I’m just going to turn around so you can see
that so you’re going to extend it down towards the floor shooting just
increasing that stretch you should feel the stretch from the base of the skull
down into the shoulder that’s lovely the tie to your muscles are the more you’ll
feel this contract the ABS and raise the head up I’m just going to do that to the
other side now so turn the head 45 degree angle towards the right drop the
head down so you feel that lovely it’s almost sickly stretch if you’ve got a
long term neck pain you feel a little bit nauseous with this to drop it down
take the hand behind and extend down towards the floor lovely breathe
normally just let give that muscle time to relax lovely contract the ABS raise
the head and released your arms correct now if you do those few
exercises just two or three times a day you’ll find a tension headaches start to
resolve headaches are not just caused by tension
they’re caused by a wide variety of things to access more in-depth
information about how to resolve a whole variety of headaches and more exercises
for resolving tension headaches go to my web site soon clinic calm

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  1. Thanks, i have an severe solder impingement. The nerve in my neck to sholder pinches allso. thus i have pins and needles numbness in top of head 80 of the time. i will try anything safe for pain relief.

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