Everyday Women Take The FBI Fitness Test
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Everyday Women Take The FBI Fitness Test

August 29, 2019

(upbeat, industrial music) – Working out has been
a huge part of my life. I try to do it as much as I can, at least three times a week. – I’ll do, usually, three days of cardio, and three days of strength. – I’m a competitive CrossFitter. I work out ten or 11 hours a week. – For the last four years, I’ve been an Olympic weightlifter. – Hopefully I don’t, I don’t pass out. – I don’t want to get runner’s diarrhea. – What if I trip? What
I’m not fast anymore? What if I’m too old? – Best-case scenario, I
beat all the other girls. Worst-case scenario, I fail completely and make a fool out of myself. (ominous, orchestral music) – The physical fitness
test is administered according to very strict FBI protocols. – Event one, sit-ups to
be done in one minute. Event two, 300-meter dash. Event three, push-ups to
be done without stopping. Event four, one and a half mile run. (repetitive, authoritative
orchestral music) – You got it.
– Oh my god. Ah! That was way harder than I thought. (soft, modest music) – Sit-ups for time is a lot harder than I thought it would be. – I think I did it right. I was bouncing pretty hard off the ground. I think I got some momentum from that. – It wasn’t too bad. I was very focused
throughout and I feel like I’m ready for the next challenge. – I went through a range of
emotions, like I’d be like, “I’m crushing it! Oh my god
there’s so much time left! Oh, now I’m slowing… Now
I’m crushing it again!” (determined, instrumental music) (background cheers) (encouraging remarks) (soft, pulsing music) – I went fast out of the gate and then I was like, this is a bad idea. – We got to the half-way mark
and Candace goes, “I’m dying.” – I felt good, like I went out kind of easier —
– Yeah. – and then just turned it on.
– Right. – But pretty close, I was like, am I even running in a
straight direction anymore? (escalating, epic orchestral music) (soft, tingling percussion) – It was pretty easy, because apparently FBI push-ups are only
half the range of motion compared to the push-ups I normally do. – Maybe if I did the correct
form it would have been harder. But since I just like
(laughs) screwed it up, I think it was pretty easy. – It felt really different,
because I normally do my push-ups really close here. So I felt them a lot in a
different part of my arm. – I have a weak upper body, and I knew that this wasn’t gonna be fun. (escalating, epic orchestral music) (soft, pulsing music) – I think that slope, that
first slope really hit me in my glutes and I felt like
I wasn’t going to make it, but I kept a consistent pace and having the music was really
helpful to get through it. – At some point I had to
stop and walk a little, but then instead of getting defeated, I remembered how when I
did marathon training, that even a short rest gives
you so much more energy and then I was able to take
off and finish the run. – I’m actually very
shocked that I did that in that amount of time because I usually run
like a ten-minute mile. I think I was just terrified of failing. – Man, that first hill was so steep, and I was never the same again. But that being said, this was actually my fastest mile pace I’ve run in years. (soft instrumental music) – So, I passed. I feel good about it. I’m slightly surprised. I really thought I was going to fail on that mile and a half run,
so I’m glad that I didn’t. – I’m kinda proud of myself. I think I did pretty well. – The FBI fitness test wasn’t as challenging as
I thought it was gonna be. – But it does make me a little sad that I was able to crush the FBI test, and makes you wonder if they shouldn’t have a little higher benchmark. – Now that I’ve passed it,
I kinda feel unstoppable. I feel like I should be in a
James Bond movie or something. – To celebrate, I’m going
to have some ice cream, and I’m going to go
work-out in the morning feeling pretty good about myself. (plucky instrumental music)

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  1. This is nice to know that all these women could do it seeing as though being an FBI agent is a dream job of mine

  2. "Working out is a big part of my life…. I work out 3 days a week" lmao this is decent but I wouldn't say it's a big part of your life

  3. Ι want to slap candace in the face she is so full of herself but she is doing nothing right while jordan should’ve won

  4. "everyday women"…really? So one of them is an Olympic weightlifter, one is a competitive cross fit athlete, one works out six times a week and one three times. Considering in 2016 CBS published that only 18% of women aged 21-30 were getting the Government recommended exercise requirements (1.25 hours vigorous exercise or 2.5 hours of light exercise). Even among the highest demographic which is college graduates, of which I imagine these people are, the number is only %25. So the idea of "every day" being four individuals, two of whom are semi-pro athletes (of which one is competing at an international standard), and the other two being way above the norm for their demographic, is so far from the truth that it is almost laughable. I can't be the only one who thinks that the use of "everyday" and the parallel with the "everyday men take the FBI fitness test" is just to again make the pandering point of "hey feminist power, we're just as strong as men!"

  5. 2:22 Ummmmmm you guys know 9 points isn't an option, its a range of -2 to 6. Where'd you get 9 from?

  6. Oh and they could just also mention, this isn't the same FBI fitness test as the guys took, the standards are significantly lower for women. Just look at the number of pressups. 50-51 is a 6 for guys and 33-35 is a 6 for girls

  7. Oh yeah, and this video shows that your average everyday woman can just walk into the FBI and pass their PFT, which kinda seems to defeat the purpose of them having this standard if that is the case. It is designed by the FBI to ensure agents have the ability to be physically superior to the average perpetrator. If the standard of the test is that the "average" woman can pass, THEN THE TEST IS TOTALLY REDUNDANT, as the super race of Olympic weightlifters that is women could just overpower and outrun an FBI agent who was arresting them

  8. y’all i’m not athletic at all but these are things that are actually fairly easy for me. this is just straight up gym fitness testing😂

  9. I like how the “everyday” women exercise a lot but the everyday men don’t exercise 🤔 coincidence i think not

  10. Funny how the everyday males of the similar video were all everyday guys but then all the women are athletic competitors f*cking ridiculous

  11. Lol what is this a joke? Lol you Americans are really weak. I was 14 and didn't go to the gym or anything and I could do 40 push ups & 60 sit ups in 1min. The only thing I am weak in is running because I have asthma. Otherwise I would be a qualified FBI agent. ( I'm not American nor I live there)

  12. Not to be dick.. But guys worst is there best just pointing it out😅😅😅😅
    Except for pushup I guess…

  13. I love how the everyday men are actually normal men and the everyday women are all weightlifters and crossfitters. Definitely NOT everyday

  14. Candace is pretty weak if she cant do a sit up and pushup but pushup is hard so i get it on the other hand jordan was doing very good because she was actually doing it

  15. Good video, but the pushups and situps were mostly incorrect, and wouldn't be counted. The woman who claimed 7 point in situps- not a single one was done correctly. Score would be -2. Of the four women shown, NONE were doing correctly scored pushups according to the protocol. I believe all 4 would have failed the test.

  16. Buzzfeed when people think of the day "everyday women" they don't usually think of crossfitters and weight lifters.

    You Idiots

  17. Omg in my PE class we had to do 75 sits ups with out stopping. I would of done the sit up tests easily. 😎 omg also in my PE class we had to do 35 push ups. I would of passed those 2 tests and that's it XD

  18. Awesome! I am a PTI in the British Army and wonder if she could pass the BRITISH ARMY Test! Check it out on my channel

  19. Every day women? Are you joking?? Show me the mom that has little to no workout time. Show me the woman who works 40 to 60 hours a week and doesn't have a lot of workout time. Every day women my ass.

  20. What do you mean with 'everyday women'? One of them qualified for olympic, the other one working out 6 days a week, the others working out regularly several hour a week. Nothing 'everyday women' about them.

  21. me: Okay, I'm going to work more on my making sure my body is fit
    Five minutes later
    me: Grabs ice cream and watches other people struggle

  22. Maybe one of them would ACTUALLY believe she's fit enough to join the FBI lol

    4:04 and music is allowed for fitness test? No no no that's am unfair boost psychologically.. could anyone confirm whether that's permissible in standard PT ?

  23. Number of correct sit-ups for all four: ZERO. Jordan came close to doing an actual sit-up, but close only counts in horse-shoes and hand-grenades.

  24. When you pick “everyday women” you pick someone who already works out a lot, but when you pick “everyday men” you pick a bunch of fat gay men that never works out. Feminists

  25. …. okaaayyy. Most of them would be disqualified just for doing it improperly. Quality Over Quantity. If you aren't doing it right you aren't doing it at all.

  26. Those aren't everyday women! lol Everyday women don't typically do CrossFit or lift weights competitively The average woman dont even go to the gym twice a year. I think what you guys meant was 'Civilian Women" hehe

  27. Oy did they grade on a steep curve. Now go watch the real FBI fitness test video and you will see what I mean.
    Not saying I can do any better, I can't; just saying 95% of this was not true to the form required for the real test.

  28. Who gets motivated by work out videos and work out the same day wid full on passion and next day
    Its like I dont need to do it am pretty healthy rit? And then sit on a couch watching yummy 😜 food videos

  29. You don’t need to sit up fully to count it as a full sit up. In the military, as long as your elbows touch your thighs that’s a full sit up so Jordan wasted time going all the way up

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