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  2. Hey Rachel i m new here…maybe you don t know,but it was one of the best classes that you have done…(sorry about mistakes) I progressing

  3. Super l , so helpful didnt see anywhere similar lesson.I was good at Phonetics at uni but I have forgotten the" can" to be unstressed and spell like [kn]🖒

  4. Thank you so much for providing such good videos. I have one question about the tone after watch the video. The textbook tells us that we should use falling tone when we answer an question, but I found that when you answer the question :"can I call you Rach", you said "you can call me rach" with tone going up.Besides, in the last sentence, you said there's a lot to be done, I think it is the ending of a sentence, so we should use an falling tone, but I think your tone was raising. Is there something wrong with my listening or are there some exceptions for intonation.
    Looking forward for your answer, thanks so much.

  5. I got a question. I need more Ben Franklin videos. This is not enough videos on your Youtube channel. Do you have more Ben flanklin videos on your website? This is what I really want!

  6. Dear Rachel, you are my most beloved teacher on youtube, I have learnt lot of pronunciation from you, thanks so much teacher.

  7. i think i'm so good in English but i want to speak with Ame or Eng person to make it more effective to speak and think English

  8. I like benfranklin exercise very much.
    I was curious about reductions and also about some specific pronounciations.
    Know I hope it will work and I'll be able to speak very good…

  9. Hi, Rachel. I have been watching your videos when you release. Since I watched all of your current videos, I went back to old ones and practiced pronunciation. This is great exercise! I learned and practiced a lot! Thank you. 🙂

  10. Hello Rachel,
    Could you help me for this "I am following up your case"?
    As I feel very not smooth to say "following up", I am sure u can help this problem. Thx😅

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