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Eating Disorders Treatment Center at UC San Diego Health

August 16, 2019

what we’re discovering here at UC San
Diego Health is that there are powerful alterations of the brain that are
contributing to why people have eating disorders these are disorders that
affect all people all ethnicities and we treat whoever needs help. I was always
really into sports as a child I think I’ve tried like every sport Under the
Sun volleyball, lacross, gymnastics, cheerleading, soccer and so once I stopped
playing sports and I was getting older I gained more weight it just wasn’t
normal for me by any means I wasn’t overweight ever but it was an unnatural
feeling for me since I had been so active my whole life how did the same
things would I be eat the same things but I’d eat less and less and less until I was eating like almost
nothing and it just all seemed really reasonable until overnight it was not
over it was terrifying even though I know now it was anorexic I had no clue
it was going on we’ve been using what we’re learning about the brain and
science as well as what we call evidence-based treatment and we deliver
this in a day treatment setting so we think it’s important that people live at
home with their families we also deeply involve the families in treatment
they’re really focused on including all of your support that you may have
friends family whoever that may be well we often find that we can treat people
with eating sores that might otherwise need a residential inpatient program
because we have a wide variety of of staff here psychologist they’re
skilled in in therapies we have psychiatrists that are skilled in
medication and medical care and we have dietitians in our kitchen so that we
are able to manage people who are otherwise severely ill and keep them out
of the hospital when I first started recovering I thought that I could
recover but I never thought that I would enjoy food again standing here now like
I never thought I would be here when I was 17 I didn’t want to enjoy food ever
again so now I traveled Asia and eating all the new food was like one of my with
this part I was most excited for we’ll be at a restaurant or will be cooking or
whatever it is when you’re like gosh I can’t believe we’re just like normal
people who never had any you know an eating disorder in our family if you’re a
parent or friend in a position to help someone that you know I would definitely
looking to UCSD health to get you to where you need to be in to help you
choose recovery when you can’t choose for yourself

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