Eating Disorders: Anorexia
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Eating Disorders: Anorexia

August 20, 2019

[ Music ]>>If we can start with talking about anorexia,
you’ve given us sort of a brief overview of what that is, what are — how would
that typically develop? What would be the early stages
of a child developed anorexia?>>Typically it starts slowly, it will be
something that they may decide that they want to look healthy, they may decide they want
to go vegetarian, they want to get fit and it just slowly starts and then something
happens, usually something traumatic in the family or in their life that really
causes it to spiral out of control. It could be they got sick and they lost a
lot of weight and then someone will say oh, you look pretty and it just keeps going from that. Sometimes it can be a divorce in the family,
sometimes it can be something traumatic in the family where somebody else
gets sick, a grandparent gets sick, that causes it to really spiral and go downhill
but it generally starts somewhat slowly but when you talk to the people they can usually
say okay, I know it started from this point, this is what really had it kick in. [ Music ]

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