Eating Disorder Rehab FAQs | Eating Disorders
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Eating Disorder Rehab FAQs | Eating Disorders

August 23, 2019

So if you’re looking for rehab for disorders,
the first thing worth mentioning is you might find that not all disorder treatment centers
call themselves rehab. Although some might, rehab is a term that we here used a lot that
the addiction world uses to call their types of treatment centers, but there a lot of the
structured treatment programs for eating disorders that are out there that provide good treatment. What they generally consist of is a multidisciplinary
treatment approach. So you may actually find a rehab center for eating disorders will be
either working on an outpatient, or an inpatient basis, or a residential basis, but in any
of those formats you’ll find that there are many different types of professionals that
will be a part of your treatment and will work as a treatment team. So that will consist
of someone like a psychologist or a psychiatrist that can offer you individual therapy. It
may consist of a social worker that can work with your family or another type of family
therapist that may consist of someone who can offer you medications. It may consist
of other types of mental health professionals as well. Theses types of eating disorder treatment
programs will offer really a range throughout the day of different types of group treatment
in addition to individual treatment. So that you may have individual therapy groups, you
may have nutrition groups to help advise you on different types of nutritional strategies
for coping with your eating problems, and there are structured meals throughout the
days in these centers, so breakfast, lunch, and dinner are supervised with staff; and
with opportunities afterwards for processing the types of emotions that come up during
these meals, as well as supervision for any types of eating problems like purging that
may come up after meal time. Inpatient and residential treatment centers
are places that you stay overnight. You may come in and stay for a month, especially for
anorexia nervosa, you may come in and stay two or three months or longer, depending on
how long it takes to reach a place of medical health and full weight restoration. So that will give you a little bit of a flavor
of what eating disorders treatment centers or eating disorders rehabilitation centers
will look like. It can feel like a big commitment to think about the process of entering into
treatment in one of these centers, but often if you can just take the first step of getting
yourself in the door there’s a lot that the treatment center can do to explain how their
programs work and make the process of enter treatment as comfortable for you as possible.

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