Dysautonomia, Headaches, MSA, Hormones – Michael C on Wife Kenna
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Dysautonomia, Headaches, MSA, Hormones – Michael C on Wife Kenna

November 21, 2019

(Music) Hi, my name is Michael. My wife Kenna
has been a patient here with Dr. Jaudy for about five or six months now, and it’s really been a long journey, to
say the least, and I know, being the support for her, and speaking for other husbands and family members
who have loved ones who are
going through difficulty and pain and suffering, you know, to go to different doctors over
the years, as we have, and to walk away and really never have any answers, and
not know what’s wrong with your loved one. It’s
pretty tough. Its a feeling of being helpless, and
almost a desperate situation, but I have to say that through a
series of events we found
Dr. Jaudy through friends that recommended us here, and
from the very beginning, we were very much welcomed, and
Dr. Tina was very helpful and friendly
and kind to us, and so, I guess I could say unless I had seen this entire process myself, I
wouldn’t have understood it, but being here from the very
beginning, I have to say that that when we came for Kenna’s
first consultation, we brought
with us about fifteen years of blood work and brain scans and reports and all sorts of things, and the
doctor who did an examination, and we came back a few days later after
he took the weekend to go over everything, and it was a pretty long examination,
two or three hours, and I have to say, I have never had
anybody take all those reports and everything, and very articulately explain from the
very beginning, up until now, and even pointing out on
past blood work, here’s what was happening here,
here’s what was going on here.
It got worse from here to here, and then all the reasons for everything
in between, so, to me that was kind of the beginning of the “aha,” like, wow, this may just
very well work, and to get answers for it too, I mean
to look at your wife and to see her losing hope and being in despair, is a
horrible thing, and you can’t do anything about it, but always know there’s more
hope, we always kept telling
each other there’s more options, we’ll keep trying, we
won’t give up, and so, to come here and get these
explanations and have the explanations continue from visit to visit, and to find someone like Dr. Jaudy
that knows exactly what’s going on, has answered every single question that
we’ve had, and explained it using the technical term, and then the term that we can
understand, I’ve never met a physician like that before. So you know, to be here today, and to see
my wife going from being bedridden and not functioning really at all,
to where she can function now,
and there’s hope, and there’s definitely not only light at into the tunnel, but it’s getting
brighter and brighter each day, so for that I’m very grateful, and any of you who are considering making a visit, you have nothing to
lose but everything to gain. (Music)

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