Drs. Rx: High Blood Pressure? Try Drinking This
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Drs. Rx: High Blood Pressure? Try Drinking This

August 29, 2019

Did you know there are flowers with the power to reduce your blood pressure? Beautiful hibiscus flowers. (audience sighs) And although just looking at them might make you feel relaxed, drinking hibiscus tea may work to lower your blood pressure. By doing that, you may reduce your risk of a heart attack, stroke, even vascular dementia and that’s according to a new study. Why? The brew lowers both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Researchers monitored 65 adults who drank the floral brew every day for six weeks, found hypertension was lower by those drinking it. You said you’ve never had it. No, and I love tea. So do you wanna give it a whirl? I shall give it a try. It’s also got a beautiful color. It really does. Looks like a cosmo. Slightly different, but hey. I like that your reference is a beautiful cocktail. A cosmo is good for you too, you know. With enough juice. What do you think, doc? It makes sense, I think it’s actually lovely. It’s light, it’s floral, it’s a little bit fruity. So very soothing. Something you’d drink like, before going to bed maybe? Exactly, like instead of a chamomile tea. Lower your BP and chill.

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  1. isn't there still caffeine in it? drinking tea before bed isn't either the best medical advice a doctor could give. here i'm not only talking about possible problems falling asleep, but also raising the resting heart rate and blood pressure.. which was the whole point of this video.

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