Dr. Shah on a Successful Hypertension Management Program
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Dr. Shah on a Successful Hypertension Management Program

September 17, 2019

(heart beating) – Check it, Change It
was a community-based blood pressure improvement program in Durham County, North Carolina, and it was devised as a pilot to see if we could really improve what’s become a public health and epidemic issue in the U.S., which is uncontrolled blood pressure, a couple of really innovative elements that have been studied independently and have shown to help improve high blood pressure, but this was the first time that we
had put them all together in a single program that
was community-based. And those things were a series of 16 remote blood pressuring sites where individuals and citizens within a community could go get
their blood pressure check and actually share those with our Check It, Change It team
as well as their physician. Three physician assistants whose sole goal was to be in the clinics
that we were involved in to help patients manage
their blood pressure and eight community health coaches. And their goal was to be individuals who are laypeople trained in helping folks understand what medicines they should be taking, the importance of diet and exercise, and also providing
resources to individuals who may have other things that might prevent them to getting
their blood pressure under control such as
transportation issues, financial issues, even family issues. And then a common communication platform that we use, which was the American Heart Association’s Heart360 web-based tool for
individuals to be able to upload their blood pressures, share their blood pressures, not only
with their physicians but also with the rest of
the Check It, Change It team. It was extremely successful
within six months. Phenomenal results. On average, participants lost, dropped about five millimeters of mercury or five points of their blood pressure. So their blood pressure
went down by five points, the top number, the
systolic blood pressure. The bottom number or the
diastolic blood pressure dropped about two to three points. About 12% of participants actually have their blood pressure under control whose blood pressures previously were not controlled,
so remarkable success. We found in the patients that had the highest levels of blood pressure at the start of the program
had the highest benefit. Their systolic blood pressures on average dropped about 24 millimeters of mercury, so really fantastic results. You know, every 10 point drop in systolic blood pressure translates into about a 30 to 50% drop in your risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke and cardiovascular related mortality. So huge impacts on the overall cardiovascular health of this community.

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