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September 3, 2019

Hey guys, we’re the Dale Tribe, at least part of the Dale Tribe I’m Amy, and I’m Aspen, and Aspen was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes About a year and a half ago. Ok I’ll see you at the hospital okay, baby? One of the questions We get probably more than just about any question on our channel is what were the symptoms that Aspen had leading up to this. How did you know that she had type 1, how did you figure it out? What was going on? When Aspen was diagnosed she unfortunately was in what’s called DKA, which is diabetic ketoacidosis and it basically means that you get really really really sick and she had to be in pediatric ICU for three days and as they got her blood sugars regulated and her numbers back normal We just want people who are going to be diagnosed type 1 diabetic to not have to get really sick before they’re diagnosed and if you know the signs to look for then you can avoid having to deal with long hospital visits and stays and all of that And you can go straight to just learning to manage your blood sugar So we are going to go through the warning signs with you guys and kind of talk through them so that you know what they are! Excessive thirst? Check! You definitely had that, didn’t you? Frequent urination? Yes what yeah, we were on a road trip at one point when we were like, “wow aspen has to pee a lot” Bedwetting or heavy diaper? No you don’t wear diapers anymore, and you weren’t bedwetting but that does happen to a lot of people. Vision change and headaches? I think you had some blurred vision occasionally. You said that you did yeah Rapid weight loss. Yes She lost about 10 pounds in about a week when it came closer to when she was diagnosed. And you know when you’re as little as she is losing 10 pounds is a lot of weight. Um, increased appetite? Yeah, she was eating all the time And I was like where is it going because it’s not going to her, just she’s getting skinnier and eating more. Irritability and mood changes: I wouldn’t so much say she was irritable, but mood changes? Holy cow, yes! I told Jon something is really wrong with Aspen, she is…her moods…I can’t keep up with them. Fatigue and weakness: Shae came to me a little bit, she was like, “Mom, I think Aspen’s really sick. I don’t know what’s going on, but I ask her to play dolls with me [which Aspen would have jumped at chance to play dolls with Shae anytime] and she told me she didn’t want to play because she just wanted to take a nap”. She basically was just on the couch all day, every day pretty much and we thought maybe she had like mono or something is what the doctor when we talked to him on the phone thought she might have because she just was so lethargic. She would walk down the stairs, get on the couch and just kind of lay there all day. Stomach pain, nausea and vomiting: she did not have nausea and vomiting, but definite stomach pain. In fact, we thought she had a major gluten issue, so we had taken her off gluten completely. Aspen: which that actually helped, it seems weird but because gluten has so many carbs it made me go higher. Amy: Mhmm. Fruity breath odor? What? I don’t know, I didn’t I didn’t ever noticed that What do they mean by that? It means your breath smells like fruit like what? Fruit. Fruity breath odor. What that’s so weird, I’ve never heard that one. Yeah, apparently people who are in DKA have like really sweet breath smell. Rapid heavy breathing? Like she would be sitting on the couch doing nothing and just having to like [heavy breathing] Like you could tell it was like something was not right at all, um it’s often mistaken for So type 1 diabetes all the signs for DKA are sometimes mistaken for a stomach flu or virus, strep throat a growth spurt, urinary tract infection or in our case mono, so any kind of flu-like thing You know a lot of people will think “oh well, she must just have some sort of bug”. So our heart is really to help other kids not have to go through what Aspen went through. I would love to be able to get more awareness around this so that kids are diagnosed so early that they don’t ever have to go through the DKA and the sickness part, because they really don’t have to. We have actually when we were being educated at Barbara Davis there was a little girl in there who had never gotten sick at all they went in thinking she had a urinary tract infection, I think and she was diagnosed type 1 diabetic. Here we were with like poor emaciated Aspen who was so skinny, and had been in the hospital for three days. She had needle pokes you know all over her, She looked awful, and then this little girl just looked perfectly healthy, and she hadn’t been sick at all, but they had found it quick enough that she didn’t have to go through all that. If you or someone you know is experiencing these symptoms right now, please go to a doctor and ask them if it could be type 1 diabetes. They can easily test and find out if it is with either a finger prick or a urine test. We would love to be able to prevent other kids from having to suffer through this and so that’s our real heart here and we are joining with Beyond Type One who is doing a big DKA Awareness project and they want other people to spread the word so that more and more people can know about this. If people just know the signs and know what to look for, this can so easily be prevented. So Beyond Type One wants to send all of you guys a packet that will help spread awareness for DKA. This is full of all these little posters for you, and actually they’re in Spanish or English, which is pretty great! We would love for you guys to get a packet like this take these posters, don’t just let it sit in your house because that is pointless. Take these posters and hang them up at your school. Go and ask your school if you can hang it in the nurse’s office or hang it in the hallway, or um, take it to your doctor’s office, take it to your church. Wherever you can find that you can raise awareness for this is a really fantastic thing that we would love to partner with you guys in. So we’ll put a link below to the page on that you need to go to to get your own packet so that you can get started. The other thing you can do to spread awareness is to share this video. So if you’re on Facebook, share this video on Facebook, share this video on Twitter, on Instagram or wherever you can put a link, that way other people can notice signs and know what to look for and You never know who is gonna be watching and who’s going to be like that’s what’s going on with my kid right now! So please share this so that more people can know what to look for. And also if you would like to follow along with our family’s journey, just click subscribe. We would love to have you join us. It’s never a dull moment really. And also we’ll put a link below to a playlist that has some more sort of specifically diabetic videos in that and also there’s a place here you can click to subscribe. So thanks so much for watching. And now you know what we have to do? What? We have to go change your insulin pump. Oh yea! [laughter] So that’s what comes next. And if you’d like to follow along on our journey as a family–all the fun adventures we have and dealing with Aspen’s type 1 diabetes, go ahead and click on the subscribe button and Join the Tribe. We love you guys, and we will see you again tomorrow!

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